Little room with some windows and stuff

(Migeater1) #1

yeah right :wink: , thats what im working on , there is a table with a candle a ring and a glass and some other thing g then there are a pair of windows with halo lights behind em , but , what im talking about just look for ur self :slight_smile: , tell me what u think of the renders that can be found here

And now ive got a question :wink: if u want to begin using another renderer , wich can u recommend me ? Lightflow is very hard to learn ?? Cuz with all that code looks real hard… if not that much , is there any tutorial for it ? on the official webpage didnt seem to be !

Thx , cu .


Ps: the image with the reflexes was done with blender except the reflexes, is there any way to do that in blender ? halos didnt seem to work, they have a black thingy around them …

(shibbydude) #2

Nice job. The only problem I found with it is that the glass should only have one wall. Since Blender renders transparencies as a plane and not a solid the second plane shows through the first one in areas.

See what I mean? ^
Also, on this object, in the edit buttons turn on subsurfs to level one. That will help with the low polygon count.

(Migeater1) #3

Yeah , that with the two walls is a bit disturbant … ill make another glass . And thx for the tipp with the Subsurfs , ill do that with the new glass . What do u think about the Illumination , i mean thats my biggest problem , dont now how to do well, got any tipps ?

thx , Migeater

(Goofster) #4

and about that glass. go into edit mode, select all vertices by pressing “A” . then press “W” and select Remove Doubles. that will remove that nasty seam in the mesh. it’s caused by spinning (the original line stays and it’s covered by a second line)

otherwise. good work,


(Migeater1) #5

Ok , thx all :slight_smile: , ive redone the glass and pressed some buttons hehe and erased the inner part , here it is ->

Do u see that little “point” at the middle bottom of glass, thats an error from spining right? that means that not all vertices where on 100% middle pos. , or ?

Thx for the comments , ill finish this scene , and when ive got it finished ill come back . Migeater1

(shibbydude) #6

Good improvement. Just keep working on the scene and I’m sure it will turn out fine!

(Skates) #7

these are they type of scenes that beg for a render in lightflow…I just can’t seem to stop thinking about jacopo’s old monster, can I… well, good job overall man.

(Migeater1) #8

Hey :slight_smile: , thx , actually , ive done some new thingis g like a door with a know , and i added bump texes everywhere …
Ive done a sucking :stuck_out_tongue: html page with all the pictures ->

(Ignore those banners g)

ok :slight_smile: i will renew the gallery often , so chek it out :wink: , ill keep u informed on the status …

@Skates -> I tried to install lightflow , but i dont even now where to begin!! i downloaden and installed python , but then … Want to help me ? ;D , stupid question , if u have some time someday , u could answer me some questions , or better , do u know any site explaining how to do it under WInXP ? THX :slight_smile: