Little school animation project

hey everyone, dediced to try my hand at an animation.

wow, I will never do this again. It is so much harder. Stuff has to have sides and all, you can’t fake stuff as much.

anyway, here it is:

it is xvid.

the textures are bad, and the rendering quality is crap, so have fun.

I think I need to change the timing at the beginning, but I can’t get the dimensions on the IPO viewer to change so that I can see what’s going on.

Lighthouse of Alexandria?

yep-a-roony (yes)

i think the architecture is pretty accurate. But does anyone have thoughts on the camera movement.

by the way, that is a fire thing glowing at the end. I will end the movie at sundown and make a new one with a particles fire and a starfield in the background and merge them together once I get it how I want.