Little Sculpting Help : D!

Hello There guys , How are you today ? Hope you’re fine .

I’m a 3D student and quite good at Hard surface modelling but i’m really bad at sculpting so i was wondering if there’s anyone in here good at sculpting and have some free time , would like to help me sculpt this AR-15’s The Jack Lower Reciever , i tried my best but i can’t do any better then this , i tried watching alot of tutos but these days i’m at the university so i don’t have much time to practice on this skull but i did some work and i got something quite good actually Lol .If anyone wants to help me , making me a good HP would be enough for me and i’ll take care of the low poly and the Uv wrap .( my AR-15 is still in WIP )

DM me if u are interested or if u can’t just post me a reply below and i’ll contact you ( i just registered on this website cuz i couldn’t get any help or not even a “Seen” on the blender discord servers or Nexux modding servers … but i hope that i will in here )
( i’ll send u the skull model i got and my AR-15’s Place holder so the model adapts with the lower i have ) .

Thanks for reading this and Have a nice day : D .

Made some progress and modifications the past days , but i’m still stuck with the skull piece if anyone is still interested in helping me , Dm me please .