Little Short "He bounced from Space

Hi eveyone, I’m new in this site, have read it for a while, but this is my first post, I’m from Chile, and have used Blender for about a year. I’m a student of Computer Engeeniering, so Blender is really a hobby for now. I’ve made some presentations about Blender and some workshops, cause there aren’t many users in Chile, and I’m a heavy Linux user.

This is my first real work, I made this little “short”, but so little I called it just an animation. It’s a little rough, but it’s actually just for practice, I put it here under WIP, but I don’t think I’ll be revisiting it any time soon, cause I’m working in some bigger animation projects. I’m quite happy with what i achived in the grass motion tough (it wasn’t made with the SVN particle system, but with the old), hope you like it, and I would love to here some feedback

I learned the basics of Blender because I like to teach other people and am looking to form a community here in Chile(cause there weren’t any when I started), I have already made a mailing list and a blog in spanish called “Arte Libre” and some presentations of Blender in some citys here in Chile.

-Sven von Brand

Funny. :^)

The grass is a bit taller than on most soccer fields though.

Hadn’t really noticed that detail, I’ll keep it in mind when doing any changes, thanks ^^

The alien is SO CUTE when it makes that happy face. :smiley:

Nice animation as a tip you might want to present animation work in the new animation forum section. This way it doesn’t get drowned between all the other WIPs.

Welcome to the community. Looking forward to your next animation.
Happy Blending

I do like it, however I did notice the UFO landing had little or no effect on the grass… the alien going through it does. Also, the UFO seems to land on top of the blades of grass, not on the soil the grass sprouts from.

The ship does have effect on the grass, it is not seen from the front, I made another angle, but rendering takes forever and made the short too long. About the alien, it floates trough out the short, he doesn’t have feet so he doesn’t have to touch the ground, the ship also floats.