Little Short "He bounced from Space"

Hi I made this little short, I had posted it in work in progress, but now I think it should be here, cause I think I might not changed at all and it’s not actually in progres :P, it’s a little rough, but I think you’ll like it.

see it here

PS: Sorry if it’s not a good thing to post something in two sections, I wanted to move the other post here, but I don’t know if it is posible.

I made another animation, this one is also a rough creation i did in my spare time
see it here

how did u make that grass mvoe like that foo?!

I used fields, for the ball I used a sphere field in the same object, for the feet I made two fields, one for the top of each foot and one for the heel. I used a wider max distance and I used a negative value to move the grass away.