This is my FIRST experience with Yafray and HDRI

WIP is here on,com_simpleboard/Itemid,49/func,view/id,20133/catid,18/

Wow, solid!
Great work.

The first 2 images use way too much DOF. Really shows off nothing of the detail that you put into the model, which is very well done, as can be seen in the 3rd image.

Fix the DOF issues in the frist 2.

The reflections look to be a bit strong as well and maybe the spec is a bit high.

Great looking model and renders though.


I second what BgDM said, plus the fact that a lot of DOF makes your model look small, since with most modern cameras you only get much DOF (which is actually a “bug” of its optical system) in closeups.

Oh, and I know this is nitpicking, but in the last render, you can see the trees of the HDR background (rnl.hdr? :)), and they are way too large compared to the car, you should somehow adjust the angle so you can’t see the trees, or place some 3D environment there or something.

Besides that, the model is great, the materials are looking good as well (bit less reflections would be better).

OFF: BTW, I love those Smarts! A friend owns a ForFour, little bugger has a 177 bhp engine, all quality Mercedes components, good design, etc.