little spaceship finished

didn’t get much comments anymore on WIP thread,
and I think I’ve spent already too much time on this one.
maybe little tweaking still, depending how we actually use it in FreeDroid,
but, I will not bother you with it anymore :slight_smile:

thanks for all the comments.

so here’s the final picture:

here is the animation:

and if interested, all the progress shots:


nice one basse!
hmm… what are the legs for?

Great final model, I have to check the animation. So when I’m back at home, I’ll check the divx. :smiley:

Btw, I think the legs are for landing.


I really like the model! Good use of simple colors to contrast & bring out things to attract the eye. I especially like the running light: the animated lens halo is very cool! (Does a real light do that? Hmmm…)

One crit on the animation is that it seems awfully fast. If I were a pilot bringing a ship down that fast I’d expect it to get damaged. :slight_smile: I guess we’re used to seeing “spaceship” type stuff move at no-gravity speeds.

Good work!

I take it this is part of a longer work? Looking up “freedroid” now…


you like it, I like it… who cares how it goes in real life :slight_smile:

well… it was just to test my armatures. I’m very proud of them. my first time I managed to do locking of axis … it works perfectly. those “knees” cannot bend the wrong way. heh.

and, ship has antigrav. you can come down as hard as you like. it will never hit the ground until you turn it off :slight_smile:


here’s the site:

here’s some of my art for the project:


Comment: Pretty sweet space ship. Reminds me of an escape pod or a surface pod.

Critique: The lens’ for the lights in front need to be less transparent or it needs some color or something. It’s hard to see the lens’ inless you were to see the wip models first.

Great little model though. How about a pilot model?