Little test about allo

(EnV) #1

Please, tell me what you think about it, I need input!
Textures must be fixed (stretched in front) and it has no eyes yet.


(Enzoblue) #2

Awesome! Love the way his belly shakes a bit when his foot lands. :smiley:

(ec2) #3

Incredible! The thigh and neck need more motion somehow. Eye movement would be cool too (yellow eye maybe?) But the texturing and model are just amazing. Inspiring work and you have great tutorials for us on your web site also.

(S68) #4

Very good :slight_smile:

Your allo is amazing (Only crit: texture on chest is a bit stretched)

The step sounds good, but yes, tail must move more, definitely…

Keep it up!


(bmax) #5

is it in some special encoding? i cant view it… :frowning:

(EnV) #6

It is encoded in DivX.
Thanks all for the comments. I agree that thigh, neck and tail need more action; I will try to add a blobbing movement to the thigh too, just as in “Walking with dinosaurs”, eh eh…
Next step I will improve the geometry a little, add the eyes and fix the textures by uvmapping.


(kaktuswasse) #7

very good work! But he(or she?) moves still a bit unnatural, don’t know why :-?

cya henrik

(EnV) #8

This is just the kind of criticism I’m looking for (not kidding): please, tell me why it moves innatural, I must improve it…


(seval) #9

Looks very good so far. As far as being unnatural, I can see a few things that I am sure are already being taken into consideration. The one arm moves while the other one looks dead. Parts of the body shake (very realistic by the way), but other parts remain still. The main thing that I noticed was the rear “thigh”. Not enough muscle mass in that area in motion to be moving such a large body. Tell me if you disagree because I am not really familiar with dinosaur anatomy. Still one of the best creatures I have seen on this forum.

(Nayman) #10

pop in a copy of jurassic park and watch the T rex chase the gasoline Jeep.

As the foot comes up, the toes hang down (you got it), but they dont squeeze, and they should only straighten fro landing right before the foot lands. Kind of like they are flicked out. think of the toes as having to mucsle, they jsut hang there… (i know they do have musclke, but they look dangly in the movie… very real)

I like the belly shake, but the neck muscles should move when he roars, and if you are going to have the belly shake, everyhting does…

Sorry to crit… it does look better than anything i could ever do!

(slikdigit) #11

hello env. nice model- textures- animation.
you asked for crits so I’m gonna give you some:
model: the upper thigh don’t seem muscular enough. the feet seem too small relative to the thickness of the ankle/calf, giving it slightly the appearance of a fat legged woman. the (penis?) looks kindoff weird and unnatural, like a simple extrusion more than a real body part. It should be ommitted altogether or modelled more ‘accurately’ (I don’t know if thre is reference for this kind of thing.)
texture: you mentioned the stretching. colors are nice- some bump/spec variation would be great. right now it looks smooth skinned.
eyes need more specular.
animation: the tail moves but not enough. the mid to tip portion hang at exactly the same angle throughout the animation.
the foot remains rigid from the top position to the landing. it should ease into it, and then there should be follow through as the weight settles onto it, flattening the angles of the toes.
The ‘penis’ and other soft parts should move. I would delay working on the secondary animations until the primary are finished though.
there is not enough side to side motion in the placement of the feet, or angle of them (i.e. foot out or in) right now it looks too stiff and straight forward.
the torso should curve side to side, pushed by the hips (action) and balancing out by the neck and tail.
the roar is a nice action. Try to make it stick out with more anticipation. a pause in motion, lower the head more and bring it back, so he can belt forward and up with a satisfying roar. This should be fun.
the hands should be doing some movement
I love the subtle movement of the skin near the base of the neck. having some more flesh jiggle there should bring a lot of appeal.
altogether good work. I think you can make it very impressive.

(EnV) #12

Wowow, really a lot of feedback!
Thank you all very much for the criticism, I agree with all of you about all the points, exept the “penis” mentioned by Slikdigit: it actually was a bone of the pelvis in saurischian dinosaurs, so it didn’t have to move. But I must notice that Kino said me the same, so I think I must improve the modelling of the part to make it look better (or less prominent).
About the spec of the eyes, the eyes there are not, yet.
Well, really not a easy task and a lot of work to do yet! But with the help of the Blender Community advices may be I will do a realistic Allosaurus animation.