Little test of volumetric-esque lighting

(rivenwanderer) #1

wow… it worked… sorta…

Just some halo spot light, geodesic dome script, and particles…

(kaktuswasse) #2

wow,looks cool. but try to make the shadows under the “wireball”
more soft.

cya henrik

(S68) #3

Cool :slight_smile:

Nice pic

(paradox) #4

nice picture, nice mood.


(sten) #5

nice abstract pic :smiley:

(shibbydude) #6

nice abstract comments :). I like the hard shadows. Its like there’s no other light in a cave and this is just a small hole with a bright sunlight from the surface. Good…

(harkyman) #7

Nice effect. That would look cool with the particle fog slowly drifting about.

How’d that do on render time?

(rivenwanderer) #8

I just rendered it with the lighting a little different and at a smaller size. It’s on the same page as before. The render time for the new one was about 3.5 minutes :smiley: