Little Turtle - First (learning) Animation

Here is an animation I created to help me learn how to use Blender. It was a steep but fun learning curve

Very well done, for an early attempt. I do have a couple of suggestions though. Mostly, you should add some inverse kinematics to your rig. You do this with an IK constraint, and set the IK target to influence a bone chain of a specified length. So, if you added one to the tip of the main bone chain of the frog, you could give his whole body a subtle bobbing motion timed with the downbeat, and maybe a little side to side, too, just by animating the target. The other thing I would suggest is giving the water a transparent material. Overall, really nicely done and well thought out though.

Thanks, @Modron. Yes I used IK’s on the legs - one of the things I learned watching tutorials by Ali Arango on YouTube. I should have given the frogs a little more movement to the music, you’re right, after al it is the introduction to the animation. I used added a transparency to the water later on but not at the beginning. I think it may have been because I learned more about nodes later on. Still I’m really happy you like it and have taken the time to comment and give some great constructive criticism.

Nice work! Especially as a first. Being able to finish a project like that is pretty awesome.

@Crue Knight Thanks!!