It’s a long time I posted anything in a 2D forum, maybe about time
I did so…from time to time I like to draw something completely
by hand (don’t we all?) :slight_smile:

I drew that one last year with a tablet. (One of those cheap 30 dollar
ones…but they work fine).

That is quite cute, albeit in a scary sort of way ;D I love his chubby feet and fingers! I also love how the fur sticks up at the tip of his ears (or I’m assuming it’s a he?) but I’m not so certain about the suitability of the same-length hair leading up. You also seem to want to imply that he’s a furry little critter, and this idea is carried out on the body, but not so much the head. On the face, the shading is so smooth that it looks as if it’s a bald spot of sorts :smiley:
The fur at his elbows also look a bit odd; looks like some mean villain came and sliced into the poor little guy’s outline. However, since he looks so cheery, I’m sure that’s not what happened! ;D
There’s incontinuities between the fur and the hands and feet. They do not look attached. While it is true that the fur will stop, it would not stop so drastically but instead should do so by gradations.
His eyes are really interesting. I’d say the left one (with respect to us) looks especially three-dimensional. However, the right one isn’t quite as realistic, at least, in the cartoonesque sense! :smiley:
Since it is an old project, I’m not sure if you’re going to do anything with everything I’ve said. Either way, it’d be interesting to see you do more stuff!