LittleBigPlanet CopyCat Project

I´ve been wondering in starting a game project based on Little Big Planet game mechanic, but with diferent characters, items made in blender, and the so called sand box creation of maps, and importing of pictures…
I am still zero at programming but i can do some 3d art, and have one more person willing to help me, a school mate.
What do you think, i think it is pretty doable, only with worse graphics and flow.

A few weeks ago I actually tried to do something like LittleBigPlanet but I gave up. I think in Blender we could easily get the graphics upto LBP its just the soft materials/objects would be hard to do and being able to grab objects and pull them would be hard as well.

physics blender engine would be useful, no ?

But those issues that you said, i think that they are possible to be solved, discuss about

Definitely doable, but I think you should try to come up with a few original ideas to addon to the actual game mechanics instead of straight up copying everything they’re doing.

Makaveli has a point on the soft materials/objects, but you can probably fake that with armatures (ie: flowing cloth, there’s also this flag waving glsl script someplace around here). The grabbing is doable also I think via python.

A game like this should be able to be programmed with logic bricks except the extremely complex things. ;)But programming would be much cleaner and easier to debug when the game get’s larger and larger. Heh, hit the python docs.

Jason Lin

You are right, thanks a lot, this project would mimic everything cause we are beguinners , and it is more like a educational project, and it would be hard doing the game and having to do all the story, thinking in mechanics and all that stuff, it is more safe this way, and defeniatly it would be could have some kind of little big planet sandbox in pc…
we could implement some new ideas, to this game , based on the plataform flexibility and not being restrited by sony, like lbp is, go even further with user made content, maybe ad some extras in the same category as the jetpacks in actual game, dont know some kind of skating or bicycle or rollerblading
One thing that bother me, is how to make the in game world editor

my friend made a site for this project but i dont if it will work cause we dont have people for the team

Anyone than knows more and is more proeficient than us can take the project lead

when i say the lead, is taking all the important decisions and being the boss

:spin: So…

I think you’ll get some perspective by doing (for yourself) a very small demo.
…Get an animated character to grab onto a slowly spinning crank handle.
ground + running and jumping character + slow spinning crank handle.
…Just do that, and I think you’ll get an idea of what you’re aiming for, and if you succeed, then I bet you’ll have a bunch of support if you show the folks here.


sorry i haven’t been able to input anything into this project, my psu has killed my mobo so i haven’t had access to blender :frowning: (posting this message via psp)

ya i will study that, and one cool feature that could help the game

Me and my mate will start to do something, but i think we will need help when plugins and programming came to the game

i’ve bem working with logics blocks, i already have putted the controls and stuff, but i have one problem, i associate the controls to an object with solid body physics, and when the object falls in other face, the controls, just mess, cause they are programed for determinated axis

Any help ?

In the motion actuator, try pushing the button at the end of an axis. (should have a G or an L) This determines if the object travels in the axis on a Global level or a Local level.


So anyone wants to join the project, i already have a prototype, but it needs some work