littleeye (intro 18-02 p4)

Ok some may have already seen my Spare Cans project. And I love working on it’s toon feel. But it’s a bit frustrating, So I decided on making a little more “realistic” thing just for the hell of it.

I actually started from a suggestion Modron made for spare cans… The idea was to use a sort of Photo shutter system in stead of a human iris.

I think It’ll end up having legs and all, but I’m starting with 1 eye :wink:

Oh and I put a texture image on the world, but don’t render that, it’s reflected though, just so there’s something there. It’s a pic of mars btw.

is the irish animatable? mean if it’s closing like a realy one?
i like the designe btw.

The iris is actually a single mesh which can be opened and closed with a single mesh deform key. I figured that was the easiest way.

more updates on the way.

woooooo. Nice modeling. Interesting design, will it move? Are you thinking of adding texture or is this it?


This is progressing very nicely. You seem to have a knack for mechanical stuff.

Hope this will turn into a moving arm?


Thx guys. And yes it will definitely be animated. I’m thinking of doing a short short with it… got some ideas.

And the thing to the right will become it’s arm (or arms) just wait I have something rather special in mind for it.

I’m still not sure about textures. It’s hard to get the right ones, but I’m considering scanning some metals to get a few scratches and such, it’ll be mostly chrome though. I’ll be adding a lot more hydrolic pystons as well prolly.

And yeah… mechanical stuff seems to be my thing… at least it’s the area I have the most ideas in. I don’t think I’ll ever model a realistic organic like some of the people at cgtalk for instance.

I’m still not entirely sure if I want weels, tracks or legs. probably weels.

what will the lowe arm do? right now it looks like it’s a connector, without the other half. maybe soem kind of manipulator should go there?

See the arm was only halfway done… took me a while to figure out the forearm/hand setup but I think I have it. I keep everything at straigh/right angles now to make it easier to rig with an armature later on.

Wow nice modelling. Yaf’d?

Yaf’d? Nope just a raytracing lamp and a raytracing sun.

I’m rather proud of these new weels btw… tricky to model. Resized the arm somewhat, may have to lengthen it more as well.

After dinner, it’s weel mounts/suspension and such.

Yeah, I liked those wheels too! Keep up the good work! :smiley:

That’s a cool model. But lighting and materials could be improved.

hmm, interesting. great detail…

looking forward on seeing more.


Thx guys, and of course the materials and lighting aren’t great… I’m just modelling for now :wink: not that I am a materials wizz like some people…

I’m in doubt now… basicly the base model is done, now decisiong time… do I need to add lots of little hydrolics which would make the machine more “functional” or will this work fine as is?

this is very interesting, I used to draw camera lens things all the time.

that looks really cool, like something they would send to the moon, or “mars”… but really man thats great, and i like the attention to detail.

Thx folks for the crits & comments.

I’m done with the basic modelling now… It’s time to rig him. Which’ll be one helluva job.

It doesn’t look that different from the pic above no? The only things I added are lots of little hydrolics to make it slightly more “functional”

I’m afraid I’m out of time for today… rigging will have to wait till tomorrow :frowning: or maybe late tonight hehe

Awesome design!

I think you really need some colour variations on different parts though. It looks odd being all one colour now.