Liv Tyler

I’m hoping to achieve a good likeness of Liv. Feedback very welcome. Here is the first sculpt.



Latest update. Any idea how I can make her look better? I find I always struggle at this stage. I re-topologized already and I’m working with a multires modifier.

I can never get the eyes looking the right shape or size. Not sure what is causing it.

Another update. I think she is looking closer. It’s getting difficult to see what is wrong with the shape as I am at my current level of skill when it comes to realistic portraits.

Hey there.
Portraits are hard to get right for us all. After looking at some photos of Liv, I think I have some suggestions.

The eyes can be a bit bigger and the eyebrows more arched. The head allso is more oval in shape in real life, especially from the nose down.

Other than that I think you have a good likeness, just soften the creases and angles a bit.


Thanks for the tips. I struggle making the eys bigger. If I spread the eyelids out too much it looks like she is wide eyed. If I then increase the size of the eye ball to fit the iris then feels too large. Is there a guide or suggestion for eye ball and eye lid area size?

I have heard the head can fit 5 eyeballs across but I am unsure how accurate this is.

I love, the enthusiasm . . .

Faces are super - difficult, I simply gave up and, got a 3D scanner . . . The fact you can model a good base human head, is quite amazing . . Getting an accurate face, of someone, you need well study micro - details, take care . . .

Something which will help the proportions of the head and face.
Find the most square front face of liv. This one above is close, but its a bit angled.
Review any movie she was in to find that single front still. Fellowship of the ring and armageddon are two movies which come to mind.

If you can’t find better, then simply copy the right side of her face and mirror it to create a full flat on face. Then import that pic image into blender. Then USINg “FRONT VIEW IN THE WORK WINDWO = KEY 1” Match up the photo head size to match your head mesh. then set it up behind the head mesh.

then slowly move the photo forward along the Y axis. As the facial photo progresses through the mesh, it will become very apparent if your mesh;s eyes are properly placed. As well, this will reveal if her nose is too long or short.

And next will reveal the placement of the mouth. Its distance from nose and chin tip.

And last moves forward will reveal the alignment of the model’s chin.

Tip #2 - Sometimes, its good to just work on specific facial parts, Nose, Mouth, and of course, eyes>. On your head model, go into edit mode, and select all the vertices in the face from bottom of nose to about an inch above the eye brows and include the cheekbones. Copy those vertices and make them into a separate object. Simply hit “P” to do this.

Move this partial face object to the side of your work. This partial is where you can work strictly on the eyes. The reason you need the brows and nose, is to ensure proper proportioning. It also provides a good break from the frustration of a stall point.

Way, waaay too masculine.

This looks like a drag impersonator, not a woman.

It IS a good base mesh of a human head though as a few have mentioned.

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Definitely needs to be softened up and rounded up. Try projecting a good reference photo on to the head from the front, then you can move things around to fit better.