Live Action + CG Helicopters
Hi everyone!

One of my friends is working on a trailer project. Yesterday we have been working a lot on one shot and now I have messed it up by releasing an unofficial version of it.

What do you think?
It has a lot of small ‘bugs’.


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- AniCator

I think the animation of the helicopters themselves is great, I think the thing that makes them look like CG helicopters rather than real ones is that they seem ‘placed’ over the scene rather than ‘part’ of it. For me it’s the lighting, it seems too harsh for outdoors, maybe use the video in your render to reflect off the surface of the helicopters or something like that? Still, I think it’s good stuff and I’m sure you’ll make it work :slight_smile:

Not bad, for a first shot. Technical crits: The color balance of the background plate is skewed blue; you might want to work on either color-correcting the plate back to white, or correct your rendered helicopters more blue-ish. You might want to work on adding shadows, which shouldn’t be too terrible. What really kills it, though, is the lack of any interaction between the helicopters and the plate. In Hollywood, this is where they’d use a big fan off-camera to simulate the rotor downwash; not sure what your alternatives are in low-budget land. You might add some particule-simulated dust and debris on the tarmac, which (while it would look weird blowing around while the talent’s hair is unperturbed) might help. Also, are you using camera tracking (Syntheyes/voodoo/Icarus?) to keep the relationship between the 3d scene and stationary objects in your plate constant? It looks like not, which is a give-away that it’s a composite.

2 words:

Motion Blur

What’s wrong with the motion blur?

I’d do as Alterscape suggests, then check if the motion blur is necessary.

PS: Looks interesting.

Um shadows on the ground? And it really needs some tracking (even hand tracking as it is quite quick). You could matte in some particulate (use smoke sim or particle dust) for dust blown towards frame from the direction of the cars.

The glass canopies on the helicopters are too reflective when you consider the weather and lighting of the live action scene. Look at the back window of the car on the right and use that as reference for the helicopter glass.

Nice scene, but the camera is moving a bit and it is only visible on the set, not on the helicopters.

In my opinion, the video scene should have been shot with a travelling move to get both a good tracking and a more live feeling.

When capturing video for matchmoving, don’t forget to disable all built in stabilizer (Optical or Electronic), and don’t use software stabilization, because both ruin 3D data in the image.

For what I know, SynthEyes is the only tracking software including a 3D stabilizer keeping 3D informations. At least it was when I purchased it some years ago.

Two years ago, I bought a Steadicam Merlin, a light hand held mechanical stabilizer. It is rather expensive (around 1000 USD), but it is a jewel. It is the perfect tool for perfect travellings without requiring rails. I almost never use my camcorder without it. You can run, go up and down in stairs, do linear or circular travellings, panoramics…and you get always perfect shots for matchmoving without using the camera internal stabilizer !