Live action "Robotech" movie in the works?



If they don’t screw up, that could be really cool.

Wasn’t this also called “Macross” or am i mixing up two completely different things? See, i never really liked all the giant robot stuff when i was a kid… i watched a lot of anime but it was Akira, Robot Carnival, Lodoss War, the Ghibli flicks, etc. Less sci-fi more just weird junk. I had a friend who was into all the sci-fi giant robot stuff, and i swear to god i couldn’t tell what the difference between half of them were. Three or four different gundams, macross, robotech, voltron, etc etc (voltron was cool tho). Anyway, if Macross is the same thing, i would have to prefer that title. Robotech sounds really… kinda lame… “Robot Jox” kind of lame.

I’m always down for a sci-fi flick with sweet effects and explosions and stuff tho.

i think macross was another series set in the same universe. show was kinda cool. movie could be good or could suck as with most things.

No Macross was the good part of Robotech, the first third. The American Robotech series used some sort of magic to bastardize two totally seperate Japanese series to form the second and third parts of Robotech.

And to be honest, they sucked. Only the Macross part was good. Macross Plus was really good too.

I make an exception to my general dislike of anime for mecha series. So good…

thanks for clearing that up… tho i think i still might not really get it.

Well, on top of this James Cameron is working up a Battle Angel Alita script, and is rumored to be really interested in doing an Evangelion live-action flick, which would just be absolutely kick ass. But the trend doesn’t really seem like it can last all that long. How many giant robot / anime-based movies can there be before people start going “oh look… more big robots”

Ah, who the hell am i kidding. Seeing a giant CG robot hit the crap out of another giant CG robot could never possibly get old.