Live action with CG elements.

I posted this in the Finished projects section a while ago, and there were no replies. It really belongs in here, so I thought Id show it here, where it belongs. Anyways, its my first real “Test” of integrating CG with live video. I got my little brother to run around my woods with a BB gun, and shoot CG dinosaurs. enjoy it, and crit please.

sorry for the low rez.

Not bad:) I liked the flying bullet casing whatchamacallit thing.
I did a similar bullet effect for fun once.:RocknRoll:

Wow, killing a dinosaur with a caliber .22 is pretty impressive (IN ONE SHOT!!!)

It did get shot through the roof of the mouth.

First off, very good job on this!
I did enjoy. But… seeing as nobody else has offered any critques, I’m always willing to spout off, regardless of my accomplishments! While I realize this is a compositing test, and er… I way over-analyzed this… :rolleyes: I’ll move the story-telling comments after the brief compositing comments.

the main CG problem:

  • the colour/lighting match - it’s still obviously CG. Maybe study some more on matching the lighting. I have a magazine somewhere that talks about it (3dw?).

Let’s see… the shadow matching looks good - all coming from the right angles, I think :slight_smile:
But in the death-shot long-shot (ahem)… there isn’t enough contrast in the CG. Look at your brother, the shadows are much deeper. In the suprised shot, it’s not as obvious, although the dino’s ground shadow could be a bit darker. Combined with the camera shake, it jumps out as CG. Bumping the contrast would make the dino skin more 3d too, show the bump more I think. Hopefully that would give enough detail to make it look less smooth. Still wouldn’t help the camera shake though.

Oh, and contrast on the collapse shot seems better but the picture jump is as bad if not worse. I can’t tell if the picture jumpiness is due to camera shake or extreme video compression.

In other news…

  • storyline good
  • modelling (hard to tell details on YT but it looked good), texturing, etc is all satisfactory at this resolution, nothing individually jumped out as “wrong” on first or second view, which is very good.
  • music & pacing went together well, cut timings were (almost all) good, tension building with various foreshadowing, setup and detail shots was very nicely paced, not too long, not. too short between cuts, music matched well.
  • oh, and your actor did a good job of reacting too - and you with integrating the snap.
    The main editing problem for me: it didn’t QUITE hang together right just before he shoots.
    He gets suprised, almost bitten as he jumps back & slides down. Then takes a stand as The Foot comes down (made me laugh there). He throws the bolt (in slo mo???) Then… he’s scanning the trees? Nothing… nothing… and then he squeezes the trigger. we aren’t shown what he’s aiming at. The empty trees seem to suggest the beast has pulled back into the trees (except for the foot stomp) and he’s looking for it behind the tress… or… that you forgot to put the CG into the tree frames? :slight_smile:
    The tree view looks like he’s scanning across several trees, not just looking or tracking a dino eying him up for supper.
    Pulling back to an over the shoulder shot with the monster jumping out would have been better tension to my mind. Maybe a quick flash of it turning tail into the bushes again when the gun goes off initially?

other various minor items in no order

  • Foot sliding is hard to avoid - there’s a slight ackwardness in the surprise shot, possibly from the slow-motion. I’m guessing you cut before it became an obvious problem?
  • Maybe a flash of it licking it’s flank where the bullet grazed, eyes start blazing with injured fury? There’s a bit of lack of emotion.
  • the final slo-mo is… too soon & too long I feel. not sure if the music would fit so well, but if you had the other setup scenes, it would bad enough to cover the longer normal-speed time. Speaking of which, that’s the other problem - the beast is already motionless before it’s dead… why the slo mo? It’s almost always a vehicle to slow a FAST action down. For the gunshot and hit maybe, but you hold it in slo to the end. Shooting at a charging target would have been a better reason for slo mo.
    Did you try waiting until after the gun fires, so the bang noise isn’t so slow? Kinda bothered me,
    ie have him waiting for a second while aiming… fires, loud & sharp, then cut to barrel flash - I missed the bullet coming out the first couple of times actually - as the shot echoes in slo mo - the bullet comes out, cut to distance shot as it hits the charging dino - and maybe jump back in to a dino closeup for the hit
  • when it jumps out at him from the brush, there’s a bang - did his gun accidentally go off ? bad on him. if it was the teeth snapping together… needs some work.
  • i thought it was a buffer stutter, but on review it looks like you did slo-mo there too. And when he (er, what’s the term?) throws the bolt as well?
    Have you been watching Matrix too many times? :wink: The use of so many film devices wasn’t really bad to the point of over-cliche in my opinion… especially for something like dino hunting :slight_smile:
  • the collapse was okay, although the neck and body could have snapped up & backwards further or more violently. would be harder to make it fall to the ground right though.
  • did you use a tripod for the slo mo scene? it jumps around a bit too abruptly for your CG to track exactly I guess.
  • if he rammed the bolt in slo-mo, he probably should have been taking aim in slo-mo too, it seems like a long time he’s aiming, but the tree motion in the background doesn’t look slo-mo.
  • if you wanted it all in slow mo, you might want fewer cuts - it loses the urgency too much with long slo-mo and many cuts… Maybe the final collapse could have been back to full speed, although that wouldn’t fit with the music, I admit.

Enough blather. I only tell you this because I care. :stuck_out_tongue:

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wow, dgebel, thanks for the crits!

to answer some questions:
“did his gun accidentally go off ?”
yah was meant to be sort of a started guy accidentally firing the gun

“did you use a tripod for the slo mo scene?”
I didn’t have a tripod at the time, so no I didnt. that was the reason for most of the shaking, which made things alot harder.

" Have you been watching Matrix too many times?"
lol, yah, I guess so.

And as for the rest of the minor stuff, thanks alot. It’s good to know anothers opinion. Mostly I intended it to be a sort of test for integrating CG into real video, thusly I didnt really put that much thought into it, and came up with a few errors. And yes, I guess I did overdo the slow-mo.:o

Thanks alot for all the comments, I’ll use them in shaping my next project.

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Awww…I felt sorry for the dinosaur.

Really great work! I have no idea how to do that. Shame that it got no responses in the Finished Projects forum. That’s the kinda stuff they use in movies all the time (just watch the LOTR behind the scenes extras and see what I mean).

yeah really. i mean to have survived 65 MILLION years after all his buddies are gone, only to be brought down by a kid with a single shot. what a sad way to exterminate the last of its species. He got in a good head butt though.

Awww, dinosaurs are cool! Anyway, how did you do the CG? Does blender have a feature set for it?

the key is the AlphaOver node or VSE effect. See the wiki on Compositing or Video Sequence Editing. Here is a still from my upcoming “Introducing Compositing with Blender” video tutorial series.


how did you do the CG?

well, modeled and rigged in blender, and then rendered over my video footage backdrop.