Live, animated UV textures in game engine

OK, the game engine provides no way through the Python API to create and control an animated UV texture does it ?. I mean a low-level controlled texture – where I can manipulate RGBA values of an image to be UV mapped via Python – an image created in Python and changed in Python, not an images on disk. I want a big int array to play with.
Any ideas as to how to workaround this ?? I want to make a cellular-automata that displays on the surface of a mesh, live, in the game engine.

can’t you just use the built in animated UV texture function for that?

man i hope there is a way fro you to get that working

sounds unreal!

You can change the uv coords of a face with python. So you could subdivide a plane until you’ve got the desired amount of cells and use a script to change the color of the specific cell. Would probably get tricky but not impossible.

Yeh I know that method would work but I’d need loads of verts. Well, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.