Live Blender Classes / Instructors in SoCal?

Well this is the ‘off topic’ forum but I wasn’t sure if this fit in any ‘on topic’ forums. I’m brand new here and to Blender. I’m begun reading tutorials here and on other places but wanted to see if there might be any user groups, schools or instructors where I might get some live hands on classes in my area? I’d also be willing to trade services if there are any small studios using Blender in my area - for example I could do some Photoshop work in exchange for Blender time.

I understand there are plenty of good free and fee online lessons. I have some short term memory problems that make getting started on new technical stuff a long and frustrating process. I find that a little ‘live’ time gets me over the bump and then I’m good to run on my own.


Any experienced Blender users in Southern California (Cypress/Buena Park) area available for tutoring? Any classes? Any user groups? I might be able to pay for a couple hours if you have the skills and are in my area.

Looking for User Group, classes or any other live Blender meet resources in my area.

I do on-site classes starting from $60 hour, up to $90 per hour (limit 30 students) + travel expenses.

That’s good to know - thanks.

For future reference what area do you live in and do you have a web site or some other way for me to know your skill level? I’m new to Blender and the forums so I don’t know anybody’s rep.