live camera switching tool -v1.0

While modeling and texturing my latest model I decided there should be an easy way to switch cameras by just pressing a button, so I made this little script, it will change cameras on demand. NOTE: this is not!!! it changes WHILE YOU EDIT, not while you render.

The idea is you make a window in blender for the script, then make it thin and to the side, like this:

here’s the script:

btw, it puts itself in the ‘Object’ menu.

if you find any bugs please:
email me: [email protected]
-or- post here
-or- pm me


I don’t mean to dump on your work at all, but I just thought I might note there is a similar thing built in to 2.43 in the 3D View, View->Cameras menu. Just an alternative :slight_smile:


Could be nice to have a Key shortcut to the current Menu
Ctrl+Shift+Num0 ?

Hmm… I hadn’t noticed in 2.43…

however, this way is Much faster in my opinion… And I think I’ll add keyboard shortcuts…

how does this sound:
ctr+shift+camera number (normal key, not numkeys)
ctr+shift+Q or A to cycle up/down on the list?

also, how would I do this so it could be registered in the 3d window? Space handlers? Scriptlinks? I really don’t know anything about those (but I’m willing to learn if someone thought it would be nice to have a script do this…)

I’d like to maintain the buttons and text boxes on the right, so you can choose which cameras to use as your ‘presets’…

any thoughts? advice? should I just drop this?

>>> edit <<<
After looking through the api docs, I have some questions:

  1. how do I test for combination key presses, not just singles (i.e. for ctr+shift+1)
  2. here’s what I think I should do, will this work and is there a better way:?

Keep the main script the same, except have a button to assign hotkeys, which would then create a event handler script… and should I connect the two or just export also the changing functions?

Hi, also this is easily done with the script “” you can find it in the wiki scripts/catalog/system area. It places hotspots for various tasks, the one in the bottom left changes camera view, listing all cameras. Very useful for large complex models that cannot be usefully moved, just set up several cameras for different angles.