Live Collaboration for Blender ?


I wondered if real-time scene collaboration could benefit to Blender. The idea would be the same as Google Documents collaboration feature but for blender scene.
i.e when someone’s moving an object, the other users would see it move in real-time. Of course there would be some issue that should be thought about (for e.g not allow two users to select, move or edit the same object at the same time because it would cause conflict, etc…)

I have never participated to a team Game/Movie project, however i guess that it’d be really useful for artist to be able to work on the same scene at the same time instead of creating models/animations in different .blend files and having to export/import them.
I think this would also greatly improve the workflow of team project over the Internet.

Do you think this is an interesting idea or it’s not worth it ?
Then do you think this could be done through Python or it’d need to be coded in C ?

You mean like Verse

I didn’t know about Verse, thanks a lot. Well it seems indeed to be what I was talking about :).

does this work with the current version of blender?