Live LSCM!

Check out the build here…

Who said LSCM in Blender couldn’t get any easier? Hehehe.

Blend On!

Excelent news… and they called me crazy when I proposed it some time ago… :wink:

(Place Evil laugh here)

:o wo this is so cool ! looks like modo !

Cant get it to work???

EDIT: oops didnt see the live transform in menu…my fault

EDIT: I CAN UVMAP. Thank you…this rocks.

I eventually found it too. Hehehe. It is a dream come true. We all thank the amazing Blender coding team. I wonder whats up next from these folks. Wow!

I always had a problem around the eyes and mouth. The UVfaces aLways overlapped. Now when I move a pin I get the exazt results I want. No more guessing ANYMORE. Starting to understand how the LSCM works now also.

need OSX build , Pleasey pleaseeeeeeeee :smiley:

Modo no mo
Silo ??¿¿
OOOOOoooooooo MUUUSt use live lscm…

that is a usefull addition.

i thikn also the new filter options are great and also
the fluid enhancements!!!


blender just made me crap my pants.


is this going to be in 2.4 ?

Nice, neat and easy to use. You can literallu unwrap a head whitin couple of minutes now whit far better results than before.

need OSX build , Pleasey pleaseeeeeeeee

Modo no mo
Silo ??¿¿
OOOOOoooooooo MUUUSt use live lscm…

… I knew …

Here’s a better demo video than the one I did yesterday for the commit log:

6MB, Quicktime Animation codec

lol it’s so easy to use that i could teach my granny to use it. Great job blenderdudes and dudettes.

broken: I can’t open this .mov. Can you upload some xvid or something?

Does anyone know of a good Xvid encoder for Mac OS X? I’ve put up a DivX here for the orange blog. Hope you can see this one ok!

Thanks, this is working fine :wink:

Man, I’m gonna have to check this out. I’ve tried LSCM before but could never get it, and finally gave up. After seeing this, I think I may finally figure it out. Hopefully I’ll be able to make some decent UVwrapped objects in the not-to-distant future!!

anyone else having trouble getting this to work?

I have unwrapped a head mesh but when i select a uv and try and move it nothing happens?

You should enable Live LSCM in UV menu, and move pinned verticles.

ah! many thanks

very cool feature A+ for devs