live microphone feed on the internet

just wondering how this is done, and if anyone here has done it, or knows how to do it.
ive read up on it a little and it seems pretty easy.
but was wondering how does the bandwidth work, and are live feeds open for everyone or people with fast internet connection?
any input would be great, thanks in advance.

Don’t know if you’ve researched it already, but if you look for specific libraries or algorithms for speech compression, you may be able to get speech over fairly low bandwidth. For linux, there is a free, real-time speech compression, with source code, you could check out at I’m sure there are several similar things for windows as well.

thanks a lot for the link, that looks very interesting.
i have research quite a bit and the best i could find was shoutcast a free broacast kind of thing, but with dial up i think my best hope would be to wait untill i have better and faster webconnection before i try to create what i had in mind.
my idea was pretty silly, i usually talk out loud during tv shows and i thought it woudl be funny to make a website were i would sit and mock a show for an hour, and people could listen in watching the same show, haha, i thought it would be fun, but i will put it on the back burner untill i can find a affordable solution, or a sense of humor, my old lady says i’m not funny enough to do somthing like that, damn :o

Have you tried the voicechat from Yahoo Messenger?


Shoutcast is a good option. Even if you are on dialup,you’re not going to need a high bitrate just for voice. You could go down to 16Kbps streaming,and it won’t sound that bad. The more you information you are sending (like music) the higher bitrate needs to be.

I just started using “Skype” this past week. I’m on a 56 kb dialup and I’ve used it to talk to a friend that’s on a cable modem. So far the audio quality has been remarkably good. Sometimes even more clear than my cell phone. I’m duly impressed.