Live text for variables


I have been trying to make a way to show live score in my game with a .ttf text file as shown here:

But it does not show the text i write in the properties, it writes the same amount of characters in @ sign. It does not seem to get the other chars from the ttf file:
Does anyone know what to do?

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are you following this tut

you proberly are but if not you maybe want to look at it.

Yes i have followed it several times, but with no succes. Thanks for the tip anyway.

Post a .blend, maybe?!

I think I might have found the problem. I am using a .tga file instead of a .ttf file for the font. Can someone post a link to a working .ttf image I could use to test it?

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just noticed it doesn’t see .ttf files at all. I got my .blend file and the .tga text file im using uploaded so you can see them and maybe see what the problem is.
The link is

I hope that you can help me,


Blender uses special Bitmap Fonts to draw real-time text in TGA format!
The one in your demo is broken!
Download one here and reload it in your scene…it should work:

hmm, downloaded it and it still only views the stupid @ signs:confused:
the properties i added on the plane that views the text are:

Name: Text
Type: String
Value: Hello

It then views 5 @ signs real close together.