Live Texture preview in 3D View?

I’m trying to build texture-mapped meshes from inside python (blender 2.57). If I run the import_images_as_planes script, I can get what I want----an image being displayed in the blender 3D view interactively (in Textured display mode). When I try to do it manually, or from python, my mesh will RENDER with the texture displayed properly, but it does not preview in the viewport (even when imported planes are simultaneously displaying correctly) — it is all white.

So apparently there are some other controls I can’t find. I’ve tried to reproduce what the import_images_as_planes script is doing without success (I’m not doing the same exact thing). The i_i_a_p script uses a number of undocumented features that appear to have no blender UI components.

What control am I missing? I take a mesh, create a material, put an image map on it…it renders but does not display. I’m using (non)premultiplied alpha channels and shadeless rendering on a Mac fwiw. I’ve gone through all the visible obbject, material, and texture controls, comparing them for a working image plane and non-working mesh, to no avail. Very frustrating.

by live you mean realtime?

Thanks, the GLSL shading mode did it from the first link, hopefully there aren’t any drawbacks.