Live Unwrapping Issue

Hey everyone! I am walking through the tutorials on and I have to say that they are amazing; the only issue I have come across involves the live unwrapping in UV’s & Textures Part 2 ( ). When I go to use the live unwrap and I set the corners of my island, moving any of the pinned points causes the UV test grid for the entire model to be effected; it seems that the instant I start moving the points the rest of the model becomes unwrapped and attaches itself to the faces I had previously unwrapped. I have done everything exactly as the vid does, I have even set the program back to defaults (I don’t want to have to reinstall but I will if that is a possible fix :frowning: ). I am running 2.61. Pic below documents issue. Thanks in advance :wink:

So I have installed 2.62 fresh and it is still doing the same thing…

I have now installed 2.58 and it works perfectly; any insights?

So far, like Forest said - “You newer know what you’ll get”. 2.62 bmesh included? I’ve too have run into thigs which work (or don’t) differently between versions.
Frustrating, somehow. Some progress, some regress. Hope, will be ironed out.
In general, i keep several versions in parallel. Unpack in separate folder, make one named ‘config’ under one which says 2.xx. All user settings will be kept there. Makes living easier.

So I found that if you use seams then the live unwrap only affects the portion that is confined within the seams that you have selected; I do not know if this is by design or if live unwrap is currently broken with this release but I thought that if someone was having the same problem and came across this they would like to know this information :wink:

Hi, CarbonVirus :slight_smile: Glad you like the tutorials. As eppo has said, is possible that something has changed in blender. Anyway, as far as I know, it shouldn’t behave that way, so I’ll tell you what can be the problem:

  • Make sure that sync mode between UV selection and mesh is unactive. This option shows the whole model, even if in the 3D View you only selected a part of it. In the normal mode, you should see in the UVs only what you’ve selected in the 3DView, and only that part will be affected with whatever you do, even live unwrap :wink:

Hope it helps!