ok, i had an idea for lives.
when the person gets hit, the bodie sends a message to the lives “life” the first life is easy,
when the life gets “life” it dissapears, and sends a message to life2 sending “yours” so now when you get hit then hit again you die, sounds like it should work to me, if you didn’t get any of that here is a screenshot, but my problam is the second life is not dissapearing??
any know why??
thanks in advanced

plz help shouldn’t be hard… i hope

That method… is really not the best way to go about it.

However, you’re not making your 2nd “life” object invisible unless BOTH of those messages are received at once (your two message sensors are connected to an AND controller). A message isn’t constant… it’s only sent once. Once sent, it can only be “received” on the next frame… otherwise it goes away.

If you really want to use your method, make the message “yours” set a property, or just change states (easier). Then use a property sensor (if you used a property instead of changing states) along with the “life” message sensor.

Hope that helps…


ok, im finding the solution hard to understand, could you post an image?

I attached a blend.

Basicly it does what Sambassador said.

(to tired to write an explanation:o)


space bar - send message hurt


Health example.blend (147 KB)

thanks so much!
i also made three live, and it worked!