Living Dreams - 2min Short Film

Over the last week our team has created a short film on Dreaming for a Film Festival competition and I thought I’d share it here. If you’re looking for incredible Blender effects you’re not going to see them here, however the entire dream sequence was shot in one take on a blue screen, behind which we animated in a variety of settings using Blender and especially making use of its awesome motion blurring capabilities.

Click the image above or link below to watch!](

Everything from animation to sound effects and music was handmade by our team. We’d love it if you could check out our film here and let us know what you think!

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Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Great work, 2 likes given one from my account, the other from the clubs account.

The keying when the background was black was a little unusual around the feet, Apart from that minor issue great work.

I see your a fellow Cantab. You should enter one of your animations into our Chch video makers animation cup later in the year. See the ad here


Thanks Mike! Much appreciated!

Yeah the keying is a little funny… part of the reason being that we actually filmed on a ‘white screen’ (I just put blue screen up above because everyone knows what that does), and unfortunately the budget camera we used made our actors feet look a very similar colour to the background, meaning we had to leave a bit there afterwards to avoid his feet vanishing with the screen.

Thanks for the link to your animation cup competition! I’ll have a look into it, sounds like a great idea!

Keep the comments rolling,

I think it was OK. The story got old, even though it was short, it still got a little boring towards the end. The props being tossed in was cool at first, but they should have maybe dropped in or been tossed from the other side, not always from the same side in the same way. Technical problems, like the poor compositing work, detract as well. I am a video editor by trade, so the interlaced video problems just stuck out as awful to me.

All that being said, congrats on finishing it. Everything you do good or bad is a learning experience, so at least in that it is a success.

Thanks for the comments 3dementia. Basically we had with work with the tools we had, and would have loved to have thrown objects from different directions, but unfortunately the screen wasn’t wide enough, meaning we had to crop the live action layer of the video on the left hand side.

Thanks everyone, and don’t forget to give us a like. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the likes everyone! We’re currently coming in second place for “Likes” on YouTube by about 20 so we need every one we can get! Voting closes in two days now so if you haven’t already, we’d really appreciate it if you could press the “like” button for us! :smiley: