Living In A Birdcage

Well, what can be said here other than very good!!? …and nice first post. :smiley:

owww, such a render man! Blender internal? is the girl modeled by you?

Thx a lot ! Everything is my own work absolutely…

Thats beautiful!
There are jaggies all over the place where the cage is contrasted against the overpowering and detailed background, but other than that 5 stars from here!

Very nice!
Are you using the new particle system for your works?

Dude, slow down. I haven’t even finished my first finished project yet :wink:

Awesome stuff

Are these chicks seperate models? Or the same model, but tweaked? Thy look different enough, but just curious :smiley:

Looks like the two little metal…uh…things…at the base of the cage need to have subsurf turned up a level or two. They look polygonal. Fantastic picture, though.

Great image, although it’s riddled with AA errors, I’d bump up the OSA.

The lighting is a bit bland, too. Just a plain white lamp and boring shadows. Very good modeling and texturing, though.

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I really hate to crit this image in any way, its stunning!


Her right foot looks a lil awkward, Its barely noticeable, but once i did notice i couldnt ignore it.
Sorry to nitpick an otherwise Awesome piece!

It’s awesome!
Nice soft shadows and lightning.
Are you using image textures?