Living in a Cornell box

A picture I made in Blender and rendered in Yafray
C&C are welcome.
The picture on the wall is one I once made in Povray.
The glass ball is just for the effect. :smiley:

looks cool try using osa tho.

yea needs OSA, but nice image!

Very good, how did you model that thing on the right, that spiral or spire or whatever, I lost the word.

Yes it’ts actually nice … indeed osa is needed …but I like the concept alot … nice…


OSA is badly needed, but indeed it is a nice image, also, perhaps increase yafray’s photon count a little or something like that because some of the shading is uneven.

Thanks for all the comments! :stuck_out_tongue:
Here’s a little update with twice as many photons and OSA! :smiley:

It’s just a bezier curve with another curve following it. and the rest is just small meshes I rotated and moved to fit on it.

This is very original. Looks really good.

There should be books on the shelves.

I like the little drop thingon the left side. Nice work

great concept and good execution… I like it. too bad you killed it in jpeg compression…

oh, and it really doesn’t look like too bad place to live in either :slight_smile:


I would live in there if it had a supercomputer. The second image is a huge improvement keep it up.

Very nice, and better for the OSA increase.

The curve on the wall looks like the lightwave logo.


Thanks for the coments again. I’m afraid I have to much OSA now. Don’t you think it’s getting to blured?
The lightwave logo? I can see what you meen, but actuly it’s a book shelve I have in my livingroom. 8)

Very cute pic.

Welcome to Elysiun, BTW! :slight_smile:

can’t have too much OSA (actually) but the .jpg sompression level is too high.

Looks very neat. There are a few artifacts but other then that, good work.