Living In The Slums Contest Entry

My entry for BlenderGuru’s monthly contest. I tend to struggle with modeling humans, so I wanted to have that be the main focus of my entry so I’d have some incentive to work on it.

This was rendered with Cycles, 2000 passes in about 2 hours.


Looking good, the nose around the nostril looks like it could do with a little work and the jawline seems a bit off to me. What’s the large yellowish rectangle in the top left corner, now that I’ve noticed it it seems very distracting.

Just me but I am assuming that the yellowish block that you are referring to, to me, seems to be a break in “slums” and that is the sun/sky…appears to me to be a sunset…just my thoughts…I do agree that it takes away from the main focus… especially since the light seems to be coming from the front of the scene…and if that is a sunset like I assume it is then it shouldn’t be there…

Hey thanks for the comments, I completely agree about the nostrils, that didn’t come off as well as I was hoping. As for the rectangle, yeah, it’s a break in the slums showing the sky. All the light in the scene is actually coming from roughly that direction, however there is a building just behind the camera that is bouncing light back towards her face as fill light. Perhaps I should have gone a bit simpler with how the lighting was handled to avoid confusion, or at least made more sky visible to make that more evident. I think the relative darkness of my materials in the background adds to the confusion. Live and learn I guess. Thanks again for the comments.

Wow, looks cool. But here’s a little suggestion you may wanna try. The focus in the scene is definitely the eye. So why don’t let it tell a story? What if you add the reflection of a sunset in her eye. So that she’s looking wishfully in a doubtful, hopefully better future… or so ; ) You can cheat the reflection in Photoshop