Living in the woods

Hi everyone!
In this project we tried to quickly assemply a small scene and see if we could make someting nice without spending much time on the actual modeling. We usually have to use custom models provided by the client, so our work mainly consist in finding the right place and light to properly showcase the elements.

This is a test-case we made to show to our trainees that complex modeling is sometime secondary to getting the right mood.

The sofa is wonderful cc0 model by Martin Ziemys, you can download fro free at blendswap:

Floor textures has been found on and the backplates has been gathered on

Here’s some matcap screenshots of the scene.

Here’s the video of the post-pro steps. We used the brand new cryptomatte pass to easily mask out the elements to apply textures in post.


nice work !!!

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Thanks @alf0!

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Here’s a small “tutorial” with the main passages of the making of the scene with a few line of comment:


Love the light and background. Not sure why there’s a bowl of fruit on the coffee table though. It feels out of place for the mood of this piece. Just my two cents.

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Thanks! You are probably right. Maybe a book or something else would have better suit the situation. We’ll keep an eye on that next time.

I featured on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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Thanks @bartv!

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