living mechanics - ammonite *re-updated*

(Krabat) #1

intending to participate in the “living mechanics” contest, i thought about modelling an ammonite. the model is still quite rough and lacks a lot of details (e.g. 9 arms), but the aim should be clear and now i beg for some destructive critism.


P.S.: before i forget… is there some kind of shadereditor for POVRay? i would apprectiat a little GUI…

(sten) #2

Hey Krabat !

nice WIP work…I love the darkness of the scene…

I did some check on your site…and I hope you won’t get mad at me…
when I say that Annelie looks qute :slight_smile:

(hannibar) #3

I think the picture is to dark. I can’t see any details. Try setting up a standard three point lighting.
From what I can see it looks very good though

(blengine) #4

i really like it, its got a great style, good choice for the contest. its looking very tech 8)

(pofo) #5

Looks pretty good, I’m not sure about the way the shell curls though. And the ‘eye’ looks too fixed, that might be the angle though.

Good choice of animal, I think it’ll look great when finished.

  1. pofo

(S68) #6

Looks cool so far, I expecially like the eyes,

lightning is not good, expecially for a WIP image, you shoud let us apreciate better the details if you want critiques… you can set a moody lightning later on…


(Krabat) #7

Guess you’re right, the scene shouldn’t that moody for a WIP-Post. As soon as i get the tentakles right i’ll post a new rendering, okay? The shell is normaly curled slightly different, but i think it looks more mechanical this way.


(rixtr66) #8

i like the moodiness of it,the modelling is very well done,i suppose a little more lighting would show off the modelling details better though.
very unique.


(Krabat) #9

uh, just a hint, don’t try modelling something like a kraken, a squid or an ammonite: the arms will drive you completely nuts. this was supposed to be pure fun and now it seems to be developing into real work… :wink:
and after taking a look at the entries of other participants in this contest i guess i’ll have to even work a lot harder. wow! bow


P.S.: thanx to s68, your piston tut is great!

(Krabat) #10

the modelling is making progression, i constructed the tentakles and exported the model to POVRay. i wanted to render it in Blender first, but as it keeps on crashing when i hit the renderbutton… and i have not the slightest idea why it does so. i rendered it with less moody lighting to let all the details show and hope you guys like it. i’ll be on to texturing this thing now… i i find out how POVRay works…


P.S.: just in case somebody notices that is has only 8 tentakles, not 10… :stuck_out_tongue:

P.P.S.: greetings from Annelie ztonzy g and no problem

(BgDM) #11

Now this one kicks some serious ass! Awesome modelling job. Blows mine away, (/me needs to reconsider entering this contest :wink: ).


(kaktuswasse) #12

wohoo!! That f*cking great modelling!!!

cya henrik (who should work on his bird :slight_smile: )

(Krabat) #13

@ BgDM: don’t think so, i saw your textured shark segment in the contest section. looks awesom and i’m far from reaching similar results in texturing.
@ kaktuswasse (just maybe could there be an “r” missing in your name?):
the bird-airplain-hybrid looks promising too. if you get it to look a little more solid by making the walls thicker (someone said about beveling the edges, same thing we’re talking about i guess) it will surely kick butt.


(bob_dog) #14

I agree, this picture is a huge improvement and generally rocks. The tenticles just seem a bit heavy now for a (relatively) small shell.

(S68) #15

Really excellent!

/me too needs to reconsider entry


(sten) #16

WOW :o !!

That detail of modelingskill blows me off the surface of earth…

indeed great work, would be awsome to see it finished !!

why not an animation :wink: ??

(pofo) #17

Looks very good
Some great textures and it will be hard to beat (especially for me who seems to never get anything finished ;), at least I’ve done some sketches this time).

Blend on

  1. pofo

(Andy Goralczyk) #18

that was an explosion… you blew my mind…
absolutely awesome modeling… great… cool, sooo many detail.
i think i’m going to reject my entry, i won’t stand a chance :frowning:

(Krabat) #19

thanks for the encouragement, but deadline is still far…
well, i started texturing the ammonite and rendered it with POVRay. These are my first attempts with POVRay, so if anybody has some hints on how to make it look better… please tell me!


(sten) #20

damn cool :wink: !!