Living Mechanics Competition Results

(harkyman) #1

The results are done for the Living Mechanics contest. Many thanks to all of the entrants.

The results can be viewed here:

The original gallery is still available here:

And extended statistics are available here:

For the stats page, you can get the image numbers by mousing over the images in the gallery page. Also, CR=creature; OA=overall; OG=originality.

(S68) #2

Congratulations basse, harkyman, Krabat and theeth



(theeth) #3

the tech awards will be given soon, I just need to prepare some stuff.


(malefico) #4

Excellent work everyone !

And congratulations to all winners ! :smiley:

(MoreK) #5

Congrats to the winners, they were clearly the best in my opinion too.

I only hope there were much more voters.

Oh and BTW these new Elysiun pages look fabulous!

  • MoreK -

(mthoenes) #6

Outstanding Images, Congratulations to the winners.

(basse) #7

whoa! :slight_smile: thank you all who voted… this came as a surprise… a very nice one too… I think I’ll be opening one Murphy’s Stout beer later on tonight… heh.

there will be updated version of my mecha_bird pretty soon, also, animation… I’ve been talking with my neighbour (sound technican) and he is doing some sounds for it… interesting to see what comes out of it.

well, thanks again, and seeya!


(theeth) #8

The winners of the Technical
awards are:


Here’s your


Here’s your


Here’s your

congrats to the winners!


(harkyman) #9

Whoo hoo! Thanks judges! Cool trophies, too.

(Krabat) #10

Congratulations to all the winners Krabat takes a deep bow and thx, too!


P.S.: Found out about the voting a second ago… always looked out for it in the contest-section :frowning: