living mechanics contest entry WIP

(Andy Goralczyk) #1

here’s my entry for the living mechanics contest, it’s a snake:

this is a WIP [eh… that’s why i post it in the WIP forum :D]
the next things to add are hoses and more wires.
everything is completely rigged with armarures and the pistons
are kinda self- animatable [btw, nice tutorial S68 ;)].
whew… that was a lot of work.
any comments/ suggestions?


(kaktuswasse) #2

huh,got scared :wink:

It really cool. Especially the texutres!! But I want to see the whole
Buddy :smiley:

(harkyman) #3

Holy crap it looks like there’s a lot going on inside there! Are you going to skin it or shall we see the guts? I vote for the guts.

(BMD) #4

holy crap
that is awsome! you should add some hydraulic oil dripping from the tip of one of the fangs.
and i vote the guts!


(pofo) #5

Scary looking!
Stiff competition in this contest, and there’s still a over a month and a half to go :slight_smile: (I’ll need it)

  1. pofo

(paradox) #6

I like it want to see it completed.


(valarking) #7

very nice.
some suggestions:

  1. the eyes look a little strange to me, does anyone else agree?
  2. the white body material is too… perfect, it has no bumps, reflections, dirt, rust, etc.

(beatabix) #8

i love the white!
reminds me of chris cunningham’s stuff in bjork’s ‘all is full of love’ video.
what are the material settings for it? (i guess it’s pretty simple, but if someone already knows how to do that exact look it saves lots of effort :slight_smile: )


(kaktuswasse) #9

I’d love to know how you made the white,too … So please please please please give us
the material settins!

(valarking) #10

the material setup’s probobly just full RGB, a slightly boosted emit value, an image map set to Refl with the col slider turned down.

(Andy Goralczyk) #11

eh? replies on my thread? after such a long time? :stuck_out_tongue:
hmm… i take this oportunity to say that i wont enter the living mech contest… the snake didnt turn out as i wanted and i havent got time to blend a new entry.
good luck everyone…

(slikdigit) #12

You have no excuse. Mine isn’t even rendering and I still haven’t given up.
Please enter-its a nice entry, and even if it doesn’t finish enough to win, its got many niceness-es that should go ‘on record’ so to speak. Plus even at the state I last saw it at it looked like it would be pretty cool, esp. once rigged for a more snakelike pose.
+I like the white.

(Andy Goralczyk) #13

seriously, i’ve got absolutely no time… and the snake is also a nightmare for posing [always crashes when i use the IK armature…]

still :frowning: