Living Mechanics Contest: It's voting time

(theeth) #1


The Living Mechanics contest’s purpose was to model the mechanical representation of a

living creature.

Now the time has come where YOU select the best of the best!

Thanks to Roland Hess (harkyman) who made a wonderful voting machine, you have a total of 10 points to distribute in each categories. The entries with the best point average in the end wins.

Voting starts friday October 18th (now!) and ends friday October 25th.

More details at the VOTING PAGE

Meanwhile, a panel of judges will review the entries and give technical awards in Modelling,

Texturing and Armature to those who deserves it (based on the additionnal submitted

material). The judges are:

- Texture
- Modelling

- Texture
- Modelling
- Armature

- Armature

- Armature

- Modelling
- Texture

- Modelling

The winners of the public and technical awards will be revealed sunday October 27th.

I hope you come voting in great numbers!


(S68) #2



(valarking) #3

Awesome entries everyone! w00t!

(kaktuswasse) #4

where the hell is mine entry???

(harkyman) #5

Crap! kaktuswasse! Your entry is now up.

(theeth) #6

well, you didn’t post it in the entry thread, so it was cough forgot :-?


(MoreK) #7

I tried to vote. After voting I pressed OK and it told me to wait 10 minutes or so to get a link to register my vote. I never got that mail, I voted yesterday.

Something wrong with the voting system?

Is there a way to see the current votes?!

(harkyman) #8

MoreK - PM me with your email address, and I’ll check on it.

Also, there’s no way to see the current totals. That tends to encourage “vote packing”, i.e. I’m only down by two votes - I’ll make a couple of email addresses and cast two more votes! Systems that show a running total are subject to feedback effects, not really what you want.

(bmax) #9

what server is THAT on? why didnt you put it on

(harkyman) #10

It’s on an… experimental server. Is there something funky with it? Bandwidth problem? Shouldn’t be, really. Since the official Blender folks (kib, etc.) are kind of, um, busy right now, I wrote a voting machine. If it works (or if I can kick the bugs out) I suppose it’s possible that it could be picked up to run official contests in the future right here on Elysiun.

(sten) #11

cool :wink:

(Eric) #12

guess the IP scared him…

(Yamyam) #13

me too. I voted now, but I’ve never got it… :frowning:

(harkyman) #14

Okay - here’s the deal. I don’t have access to the mail server until Monday. I’ll be able to tell which transactions died and which went through. If you’ve voted but not received an email, sit tight. I’ll look into it Monday morning.

(9) #15

wop! wop! wop! It seems I misunderstood something. I believed that for each category we had up to ten points to assign to a contestant (fictive exemple “The Steam Ornithorhynchus”: Overall:6; Creature:9 Originality:10). As it didn’t work, I guess that it is the total assigned to one contestant which can be up to ten?
After half an hour carefully reviewing the entries (which are great!!!) to make a fair vote, it discouraged me to redo all again… Someone could enlight me before I go again?

Apart from that the contest is GREAT!! There a bunch of incredibles Blends there! J’en reste sur le cul…

(theeth) #16

it’s 10 points in total in each categories.

for example:

Hydrolic Hypopotamus:

Creature: 3
Overall: 4
Originality: 2

Electronic Ant:

Creature: 5
Overall: 2
Originality: 3

Robotic Doggie:

Creature: 2
Overall: 4
Originality: 5


Creature: 10
Overall: 10
Originality: 10

I hope that’s more clear


(Ecks) #17

hey 9, you most give , in total, 10 point for the overall, 10 point for the creatur and 10 point for the originality.
Exemple (not real): Overall: 4 for blablabla, 3 for haha and 3 for gaga.
Creatur: 3 for blablabla, 5 for gaga and 2 for kaka
originality: etc… etc… etc…

I hope you understand.

Btw, all entry are very good, very difficult to vote :-?

(9) #18

Aaaah!.. That’s clear now! Thank you both Teeth and X. I’m going to vote right now.

Teeth, your entry looks really great, but now I WANT to see the Hydraulic Hippopotamus! :smiley:


(Yamyam) #19

I got the mail.(20 Oct 2002 09:54)
Thank you!

(harkyman) #20

Hi all - I’ve looked into the vote confirmation problem that a couple of people have reported. In ALL cases of votes that have not yet been registered, my mail server is reporting a successful mail transaction with, at the very least, your top level mail server. My automailer has also received NO failure notices, so… I’m not sure why you have not received the mail.

BTW, the mail you will receive will come from [email protected]. This is the automailer’s address. It’s not going to come from Elysiun, so if you’ve been looking for something like that, stop. The subject reads Your Living Mechanics Competition Vote.

I have noticed that a lot of the non-registered votes are from hotmail accounts. So, either they’re bogus email addresses and someone’s just screwing around, or hotmail is mistakenly catching the automailer’s message with it’s junk mail filters. Check your junk mail folder (woo hoo!)