living mechanics - dragon (smaug)

(stukkm) #1

i’ve also posted this in the wip thread for the living mech contest but i thought i should post it here as well to get more feedback.

UPDATED: saturday aug 31

now i just need to add the lonely muontain, fix up the lighting, the ‘fire’, and that ugly ass world setting. what do you think?

(S68) #2

Veery cool :slight_smile:

I’ve seen it in the Contest Forum though :stuck_out_tongue:


(harkyman) #3

Nice entry, you filthy rat. Very cool. I was just beginning the model for my mech Jabberwock, and he was starting to head in this direction. Now I’ll have to take it somewhere else. Curse you. It’s looking good.

Suggestion: make the Lonely Mountain from a pile of rusted car carcasses.

(stukkm) #4

good idea… wait a minute. that means i’d have to make a bunch of rusted cars… :x

(stukkm) #5

made an update. changed it to nighttime (when smaug when and totally wasted that town by the river :stuck_out_tongue: ). now i need to make the fire better (again) and find a good way to light the mountain and it’s hind legs

(BMD) #6

Very Cool!
how’d you do the bent fire?

(thatbrikwal) #7

bah… I was going to enter a dragon too, but I haven’t gotten nearly as far as you. would you mind if i continued in this path, or would you prefer that i headed in a different direction? perhaps still lotr related, but a different creature…

(S68) #8

Very cool :slight_smile:

You should FractSub those rocks in foreground, they are too low poly.

Some very dim light on the back mountain could be cool to, after all there’s a full moon out there :slight_smile:


(stukkm) #9

BMD: actually i didn’t :smiley:
i used three particle systems going in different directions, if you look closely you might be able to see it in the render. although i think i’ll go back and use a lattice deformation if possible.

thatbrikwal: go ahead an make a dragon if you’ve already started. that’s nice of you to consider asking but i’d hate to have someone start all over again because of me, no matter how far along they are.

(stukkm) #10

actually the rocks in the foregroudn are part of those in the background but i’ll see what i can do.

yeah, i’ll try to get some lighting back there without making it look too bad. also, i remembered that it shouldn’t be a full moon. when smaug came out at night it was a crescent moon, so anyone know how to make a good looking crescent moon?

(thatbrikwal) #11

to make a crescent moon, you could try putting something (probably black) in front of whatever it is you’re using to make your moon,i guess. and about the dragon thing, I’ll probably take it in a different direction, possibly a warg rider, since right now what i have done could be easily converted. thanks anyway, though.

(stukkm) #12

warg rider… good idea! as for the moon, i’ve tried that and it just won’t work. to make the moon i’m using a halo spot pointed directly to (actually tracking) the camera. i’ve tried putting something in front but that doesn’t work. oh well, i’ve figure something out.

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(IMProvisar) #14

Wow… that fire-breather’s looking really good.


(stukkm) #15

thanks, anybody have suggestions?

(blengine) #16

nice! aweomse design…i feel the fire could use some texture to it, like gasoline fire, mix some hot thick smoke in with it giving the fire some depth… and maybe some reflection on the metal? the lgihting is very good, the modeling and design too =D

(stukkm) #17

how about this?

sunday sept 8

(theeth) #18

Personally, I think there’s too much stars for the brightness of the moon. Also, I think the corners of the crescent should be a lot sharper than that, but that’s only my personnal opinion.

I want to make my Mantis spit some fire too, but I will not use those kind of particles :wink: 8)


(S68) #19

Theeth is right, and I also add a texture on that moon.

It looks funny, the moon, you shoud make it a real SPHERE on a separate layer, add a light active only in that layer with the correct position and you’ll have a realistic moon :slight_smile:


(stukkm) #20

ok i’ve updated it. used a sphere with moon texture instead of those terrible halos. changed the lighting of the scene just a touch as well as fixed up the stars and changing the fire. how is it now?