Living Mechanics WIP

(Zweistein) #1

What do you think it is?
How do you think does that look?

Need lots of work…

Here a small test ani of his arm->


added 5.11.02

(MoreK) #2

Hey good start! Animation looks great. I don’t know about the still shot, it shows only very small part. Could you show some more?

  • MoreK -

(RipSting) #3

It’s hard to tell how it looks from that angle. Could you give us a different perspective?

(Zweistein) #4

He he, It s a quiz. If i show it better, you see it faster. So what do you think it is?? I will show betterpic s later.

(blengine) #5

hmmmm, it kind of looks like a puppy i guess, or a car brought to life and given teeth, lol… the tops of the teeth have aweful artifacts =(
the animation looks good, im impressed with all those cool gears u put in =D

(RipSting) #6

It’s a crocodile, obviously!

(Zweistein) #7

Thank you.

DAMN RipSting… You´re right :wink: that was s long secret :wink: lol…

(theeth) #8

I thought it was a crocodile too.

Nice start, but I would personnaly make the teeth a lot sharper.

The leg articulation is really cool.


(Zweistein) #9

Ok , I will work on the tees

(Zweistein) #10

New WIP movie

(theeth) #11

it’s cool.

I only have two complaints.

  1. It doesn’t look really water proof :-?

  2. The chrome looks exactly like the one on my mantis :wink:


(Zweistein) #12

point 1: LOL :wink:

point 2: I think we use the same technik…Texture, REFL and COL Settings?? :wink: