Living Mechanics...

(S68) #1


I changed a little my model for the contest, lately.

Here is an animation, the final image for the contest will be based on one of these frames, but rendered bigger, and with LightFlow :slight_smile:

Title is Mechanical bee having lunch

1.5Mb DivX 5.0

A screenshot of armatures is here



(pofo) #2

:o guess I’d better get blending if I’m to have even a slight chance.

Good job (btw, I’m making a flower too ;))

Maybe the wings are beating a little slow, I have no idea what the size of that thing is.

  1. pofo

(blengine) #3

lol thats awesome! the animation is very slow though, a lil more speed, especially on the wings would be a great improvement =D

(paradox) #4

Excellent and beautiful. Really liked it.


(dotblend) #5

i like it a lot, but maybe you shoud speed up the motion of the wings…

(MoreK) #6

Wow… cooooool… Now I’m jealous :stuck_out_tongue: . I’ve got to put some effort to my beetle.

It looks like slow motion, but that’s ok. However one suggestion: put slight move to other parts of body and legs too during the fligth. Will make it more living.

(sten) #7

Stefano !!!

long time seen !!

waay cool man !!! :wink:

(theeth) #8

I’ll agree with everyone else, the wings are beating really too slow :-?

also, IMHO, the legs are a bit too bulky in comparaison with the body.

a really nice job though and a very serious contestant!


(S68) #9

Thanx for comments!

Yes, I agree that wings flap slowly, but I relizad it after an 18 minutes per frame rendering… an I’m not sure I can work on it befor deadline and still be able tore-render full movie, but if I do I’ll also add more moving parts :slight_smile:

I’ll concentrate on lightflowing the contest image now :slight_smile:

theeth, legs are bulky? I was told before they were too slender (and I only changed colour :slight_smile: ) Anyway, I’ll be more on line from next week :slight_smile: