Living Modern

I am working on a project that i call Living Modern. It is a blender replica of a photo i saw in decomag magazine (i will try to get a picture of it for reference) so all rights are reserved to the original photographer! I haven’t gotten very far with texturing as i just finished modeling it so dont comment on textures (unless you can give suggestions!) but all critics of modeling are welcome! I stil have to add the lights, baseboard, textures, and fine tune some of the materials! C&C Encouraged! :wink:

I’d say the edge of the cushions need to be smoother, they are too pointy. Otherwise, excellent work

i was trying for pointy (as if they were tight pulled) but i will lighten them up since you suggested it! :wink: Thanks!

here is an update!

i still have a lot of work to do but i figured i would post a quick render! :wink:

i worked on the edges like suggested and i still have to add molding. i have added some textures but still have to tune the couch, otoman, glasses, and the books are quite right. I have to remodel the pillows as i don’t think they look right! I add one sun light with soft shadow bu i still need to add a spot or something to add alittle more mood! :wink:

i’ll keep ya posted!

here is the final update before i make a finished render! so please tell me what is wrong with it so that i can make the big bad boy of a render!

all C&C are welcome and i have just noticed some problems already:

  1. i forgot the moulding
  2. the picture is blurred because of gaussian
  3. the painting on the wall is too pale

anything else?

Wow! I’d like to have a room like this!
Nice. Elegant. Well modeled!
The only thing I notice is that the painting is not exactly in the middle of the sofa. The line of the two cushion is not centered respect to the painting.
The textiles are very nice too!

i’ll fix that! thanks! :wink:

if you think you can be offended by “direct” critic do not read the following…


I think you scrapped the whole thing with the texturing. You were, from what I see, for a modern looking deco almost futuristic with the sharp design of the sofa and things. BUT the texturing make it look sooo oldish…it doesn’t fit at all. it make the whole thing…how to say…UGLY. When looking at sharp designed furniture, I always see them all white, or greyish. I think it fit more the style.

anyway…maybe you were going for that look and I just don’t like it…sry

I think there is too much AO in this render. Look how much of a shade the picture frame throws. If you want this to look closer to real, you’ll need to play with the AO dist values.

i have a couple of crits:

1.) the scene looks way too dark for that type of scene (too many scenes in one sentence) all decor magazines use bright light to display their settings.

2.)the texture on the blue stripey cushions looks wrong the way it changes directions on different faces, if thats what you were aiming for than fair enough but i dont think it looks realistic.

3.) the cushions on the lounge chair need like piping or moulding around them or something, or at least a seam line, at the moment they seem to look hard and very uncomfortable.

otherwise i think its a great image, i like the glasses and the floor rug the best, keep up the good work prince.


timmo - i love the floor rug the best too! it looks just like the image in the magazine! and it was my first custom made texture! thanks

others - the textures I agree aren’t the best and the reason is that i couldn’t actually find the prints that i wanted (the ones used in the magazine) so i made them the closest i could. The stripe pattern on the one cushions is how they are in the reference picture but not quite the same color. The small pillows i m going to redo as i was looking at the image they looked all wrong and i will try to uv texturize the rest but i am no good at doing that! thanks again!

i will get another render before i go for the big one just so that you can give me your final thoughts again! thanks a whole lot! :wink:

edit: and about the sharp textures - that is the way they were in the magazine so i didn’t change it - if it was me i would have light leather with accents of black and white pillows to match the lights and rug! :wink:

Here is the last update before the final render so give me what you got!
(OSA16, AO16, 128Ray, 3AO dist, 50%render)

Alternative scheme A?
(AO5, 128Ray, 3AO dist, 50%render)

Alternative scheme B?
(OSA8, AO8, 128Ray, 3AO dit, 50%render)

I like the bottom B scheme best and i think i will make a big render of it too! Tell me what is wrong (or what is right) and i will fix it then make the final render! :wink:

looking at the third image (scheme B) i need a new painting - does anyone have a good reference that i can use?

Fiddling with the AO values isn’t going to make a difference if you haven’t got real lighting. You need real light sources - you have two modelled lamps, that aren’t giving off any light - there is no directional light from lightbulbs, windows, or anything - the lighting in the scene is quite flat and dull. Light your scene properly, then use AO for the extra bounce-shadow realism - not the other way around.

i have two spot lights for general light and then an extra for shadow! i will try adding a lamp to each of the lamps by the couch but when i did that it didn’t look right! I’ll see what i can do! :wink:

What you should do for a good painting for the room is take a very famous painting and invert the colors.
Very stylish IMO.
I like schem B the best.
Nice attention to detail also.

it is finished now but thanks anyway! i decided that it looked okay with the image i made there! oh and in the final render i fixed teh lighting like mentioned! :wink: