Living on the edge

A few weeks ago, while browsing Facebook, I saw an add for a lovely viking hoodie. I visit (link removed) and find that the site has no images. Crazy me contacts them through Facebook, telling them their image server must be malfunctioning. This goes on for days until I decide to open the site in chrome. Turns out they use some fancy JavaScript to display their images.

This morning, I got to my computer and looked at’s weekend challenge. I clicked on the new thread, and was greeted with nothing. There were 0 posts in it. I rebooted my PC, to no avail. Here I am in chrome, writing about it. On Microsoft Edge, I can’t see the content of any thread.

What’s the URL of the broken topic here?

PS: I removed that link from your post - I don’t see how that’s relevant and it came across as a little spammy.

I have no affiliation whatsoever with them. It’s an example of a website that also doesn’t deliver content on Microsoft Edge. As for the URL of the broken topic: All topics, there is not a single topic that I can view, as of this morning, on Microsoft Edge. I hit f12 and looked through some error messages, maybe they can be of some use.

HTTP429: TOO MANY REQUESTS - The server is refusing to service the request because too many requests have been submitted by the client.

Confirmed, there’s something wrong with edge, on too. I’ll file a report.

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thanks, perfect storm this morning, had to restart my router because all sites were down. All back to normal, except for on edge, that problem seems to be persisting.

Could you test again please? I just updated our instance which should contain a fix for this.

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thanks @bartv, it’s working on edge. I can see :slight_smile:

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