Living Romm (AO only render)

Just thought I’d share my AO only living room render.

Ooohhh…Nice - me like! :slight_smile:

very nice! The Mars landscape framed on the wall is a nice touch. :smiley:

Looks great! I wish my living room was that clean :wink:
Only the couch seems too low and the pillow looks strange. Other than that it’s perfect. Great work.

Awesome. My only crit is that the pillows don’t look right.

Great work!!!



i could swear ive seen this before, but then i read the post date… w/e

very nice!

Thanks guys!

Skeletor: I posted a buffer shadow only version some months back.

Wow, great modeling, great render. What did you use to render it? Would you mind posting settings? The couch looks a tiny bit too low to the ground, as someone else mentioned, and could perhaps use a bit of rounding out - it looks ever so slightly too institutional at the moment. The corners of the chair cushions could also use some rounding.

Great job!

Great work! :wink:

Dittohead, that is one lovely render. Superb reflections. It seems like it would be a nice place to live :slight_smile:


Yes very nice only crit is those pillows. Is the plant static particles or fiber?

VERY NICE! I think that the couch cushions look to stiff (not the throw pillows). You should try giving them some SLIGHT depressions and maybe a very low amount of variation in the color.


i think the window could use more definition to see some of the outsie, or at least a hint of blotchy shadows from a tree outside or something.

Just the Ambient occulusion like the post says :slight_smile:

Tuggles: The plant is fiber.

The pillows are ugly, but I wasn’t sure how to make them hehe, I just made a shape in sub surfs and put an armature to it.

The couch and stuff looked better without ambocc turned on, the vornoi didn’t react to well to the amb occ and they got in a fight and caused lots of noise.

Since this was really just a test of the amb occ on one of my older scenes I won’t change anything. I was going to wait to post this and post two other yafed images with path and hemi lights but yaf crashes on render attempt :frowning:

Thanks for the comments!

Is the floor texture procedural? If it is could you please let me know how u did it

Just a shot in the dark - make sure you don’t have any spare empties in your scene when using yafray, that caused a scene to crash on me once. I think the spare had originally been linked to an envmap texture for coordinates or something but ceased being linked to anything.

Floor texture was found here:

I’ll check for empties later on…could armatures screw it over too?