Living room, by the sea (Aug.14.:final version in HIGH-res)

Hi all! This is my entry for an archi-viz contest (, in the interior category.
Rendered with Yafray, and thanks to the compositor nodes in 2.42, all the post-pro done inside Blender.
As I still have plenty of time, I can still do some small changes if needed, so fell free to critique!

This is excellent, of course…

Something about those foreground chairs is irking me, but I don’t know what it is… sorry.

the picture takes a very long time to come up and i am on broadband.

I think it looks realy good, both texturing and illumination, but the image seems to have some bugs: the ceiling looks like if the gi was set to low and the stair is a bit to dark (but maybe this is due to the material used)

Very nicely done. Is this house available? :smiley:

Anyway, the only parts that kinda nag at my eyes are the foreground stairs and one of the chairs. The DOF effect stands out on those sections of the image, making them look…different than the rest of their environment. It may be just my picky self, but they can be somewhat distracting from the otherwise serene view.

As an add-on, maybe put some sheer curtains in the windows, blowing in the wind that the seaside background makes me feel is there. That would look great!

All in all, a very nice image (seriously, is it available?)

Insanely Impressive. One of these days I’m going to have to learn how to render in Yafray like that. Very realistic results.

Thanks for the replies!
ian30: it’s my web provider, sometimes they are hard/slow to reach from overseas. And I can’t complain, as its a free service…
iokua83: No, unfortunately its fictional, though I would readily move into such a home :slight_smile:
DOF: Yes, the truth is that it also bothers me a bit, for the version I send in, I’ll take back from the strength of the blur.

Which brings me to my dilemma: I just read on the submission guidelines, that the final picture needs to be AT LEAST 3600 pixels along the longer side!!! After some calculations, I see this will take 19 hours at medium quality, or about 40 at high quaility… I could render in sections, but Blender keeps on crashing, or not saving the image I rendered at such a high resolution… I don’t know what to do yet. :confused:

Have you tried rendering the image by using the yafray.exe (I’m assuming you’re on windows) commandline command, instead of from within blender?


The only thing I can see (as noob) are the chairs, I don’t know if I would like to sit on them. The front is quite high compared to the back, so your legs would point upwards if you sit on it…

The DoF blur on the spiral stair near the camera should be matched by a blurry distance… the background photo is a little too “crisp”, if you wanna do depth blur…

Beautiful scene, otherwise! (would love to see an indigo version of this one…)

Yes, Yafray from the command line works, fortunately, so thats how I’m rendering it. It’s a bit funny though, for some reason its slower than when I started it from Blender: I’m rendering the image in six parts, and from Blender it takes about 2 & 1/2 hours for one part (but at the end it crashes). From the command line, it takes about 3 & 1/2 to 4 hours…

I’v noticed your thread and that you were having problems with the high resolution renders. If your render keeps crashing, you shouldn’t worry, just submit the final image at the highest possible resolution.

Good luck with the competition !

Can you guys point me to a good tutorial on the compositor nodes?

This image is unquestionably very realistic, and the lighting throughout the scene is generally well-balanced … what’s supposed to be coming “from the outside” looks very much like it’s really doing so, the color-temps jive, and so-on.

(My eyes cannot find a plausible explanation for the light-bar effects on the right rear side of the interior…)

I think that I would crop this shot a little bit, say on the right-hand edge, because there’s some space over there which really isn’t contributing much to the picture. Sure, on the one hand part of the purpose of this shot is to impress the :cool: out of us all, and that it certainly does do … but under-performing elements in any picture are usually something you want to excise, no matter how the scene is generated. Everything in-frame needs to pull its weight. The composition is looking just a bit cluttered to me.

There are various little niggling contrast and relative-light-level issues at various parts of the frame, such as a chair (at the nine o’clock position of the table) which is interior-lit but sitting right in front of a large patch of sunlight. The chairs at three and twelve o’clock are quite dark relative to the things that are nearby: so, it’s tougher to see them.

sundialsvc4 i’m guessing the light bars come from the porch covering

and i like the picture it looks very good but i dont really have a trained eye for picking out defects… sorry i cant help more

Wonderfully done. The seat angle of the chairs does look a bit painful though.

Gorgeous. I would agree with the niggles except the light bars on the right wall - obviously from a slatted overhang.

The thing that looks oddest to me is the dimness, while there can be a lot of contrast, I would have expected more ambient lighting from the bright outside environment. Colouring seems ok to me, just not quite enough of it?

Re: crashing. Could a little network rendering help with that? I’m not familiar with the details, but I believe this would break up the picture into smaller chunks. You might be able to set it up to distribute to a single computer if you only have one. Or maybe borrow a network over the weekend from a friend? Or an actual render farm.

oops. dup post

What are your computer specs?, as another solution to the crashing problem, you could send the files to someone with a better single computer(instead of a render farm) to render it for you.


sundialsvc4: thanks for the suggestion, I’ll try cropping off a bit from the left side, and see whether that looks better.
Actually, my reason for inlcuding so much of the stairs was that one of the most important points of the contest is to show the interior “space”, not only some furniture, thus the reason for a wide angle (the lens is 25 mm…) shot, showing a bit of the sides as well.

scabootssca: Yep, thats the porch covering. Sort of hard to see, but look closely outside the open porch door.

The chairs: it’s a bit late to change them now, though I do see what some people mean, the seats do look a bit steep. I’m not sure I mentioned this before, but the only criteria in the contest was to use Sixay furniture, and these are one of the newest Sixay chairs, and they are supposedly really ergonomic.

AND: finally finished the high res version, phew! Some parts had to be redone, so there’s about 2 days of pure rendertime in there. And the walls are still spotty!
There’s less DoF, lamps added around the stairs, some smaller “high-res enabled” updates, like microbevels on many edges.

The low-res version:

Link to high-res version (3600*2025)