Living room - First work


This is my first work in blender (after tutorials). Any C&C to make this scene look more photorealistic are very welcome. I am aware that windows are not detailed, I have focused on the furnitures. It should be some white fabric, but looks very “plastic”.

Have used 3DS ages ago and am amazed how good blender is.


I think that, the legs of table are a bit too thin :smiley: :smiley: . But nice start, keep it up .

I like very much the chair on the left! :slight_smile:

great modelling, but what a terrible camera angle. I would love to be able to see the entire scene. But yeah, great chairs!

One more thing… your scene seems to be laking some textures… not really neccessary, but could add realism to the scene.

Yep crap cam :slight_smile: placed there to show the chair and the sofa.

Yep I am not good at texturing, any good site with good procedural textures I could just apply directly to try out ?

Or any very good texturing tutorial for architectural stuff, rocks, woods, fabrics, walls… ?

Another pic here with a better angle :

much better. About procedural textures: they are pretty new, so info on them is quite scarce. I would just go ahead and experiment with the different ones and see which one looks good.

One quick note… the ceiling seems to be lacking lighting. This used to happen to me all of the time; I would suggest that you just put a lamp or two right next to the ceiling on really low energy, or get a spotlight and turn the angle to like 160 pointed at the ceiling. Good job though.

If you want photoreal then you should work on the lighting, no way a wall that bright in this apparent lighting situation gives way to a wall or roof that dark.

try turning Ambient Occlusion on, take some area light behind the windows to make some nice shadows there and mood, i would consider making bump and specular maps on the floor, it looks sooo flat :smiley:
anyways… nice start :smiley:


The modelling looks great, if you don’t want the chairs to look like plastic turn down the “Spec” slider in the Material settings.

Also, the legs on the table are missing their sides, at the moment they appear to be just flat planes.