Living Room, I would like your feedback

I’m still new to blender, I have the scene I want to show you guys. I’m looking for brutally honest critiques with this. Grill me.:ba:

Thanks for your time.

Good work. Some place has no light. Generally, the wall will illuminate some light. And need more brightness around the light source.

I saw this kind of scene already too many times, always a bad rip off of the architecture academy module. but this one is much better. The atmosphere is great. Really like the carpet, I believe the band bring me the horizon used the same “pattern” as their album cover :smiley:

but the image is still boring. try to tell a story by adding items of a living person. wine glasses, a book, tv-remote control. I don’t know.

Hi, same as SirNik, you need a kind of focus or story.
Really nice render.

Cheers, mib

Brutally honest? OK I’ll try my best:

  • Scene is too dark.
  • Lights are too orange/yellow for my liking, muting the other colours in the image, making the scene look 1 shade and uninteresting.
  • Render is too noisy - needs to be rendered at a higher sample setting.
  • Scene design is uninteresting - the blank couch needs more cushions or evidence of a “lived in” apartment.
  • Cushions are too similar - they are the same mesh duplicated, right? Try deforming the mesh a few different ways, having their weight sit naturally on the sofa.
  • Sofa/cushions need a more realistic fabric texture/material which can be seen better with lighter scene setup.
  • Composition is the same as the other renders I’ve seen from the architecture academy. I don’t like the angle - it feels claustrophobic and in this instance is not a aesthetically pleasing composition. Reference interior photography for new/more creative ideas on how to frame the shot.
  • While you’re there, research more creative lighting design also. - The IES lights could look more interesting.
  • Try a texture on the walls - subtle if needs be, walls are never that clean.
  • Fabric blanket on sofa - make it more interesting, more folds, bigger - it seems redundant at this point.

Anyway, back to work!

Thank you for ALL of the response guys!:slight_smile: This scene actually doesn’t have any composition, I didn’t feel that I need it. But yeah this is based of Modl 1 from Architecture Academy. Well I’ll talk everyone’s advice, and apply it to the scene to make it better :slight_smile:

Sure you’re not mixing two different things, composition and compositing? Composition is the placement of elements in an image (or a plan of it) and compositing is combining visual elements from separate sources into one. You could do the latter in Blender compositor, for example.

Don’t understand why it is so popular on this forum to place the sofa so that you have a window behind your back. If I had such big window and a beautiful view I woudn’t like to look into the wall…

Ah I understand, :slight_smile:

I actually like the darkness of this scene along with the orange temperature of the lights. I just think it needs more contrast to emphasize that aspect of it. It’s a nice change to the sterile scenes we usually see.

I’d play up the variation in textures if possible. The rug, the couch fabric, metals in the lights, etc. I really like the eye line that’s created from the lamp reflections in the window. The upper left area is missing something since my eye leaves the scene pretty quickly through that spot.

I think the right side could use some kind of vertical object like a plant, lamp, figure, etc to break up the giant shape of the Egyptian image.

The scene looks great. The one thing I’d want to do though is move the sofa away from the windows. It needs some walking room back there.

You could add an item or two to the couch to make it look used. Maybe an open book turned on its face.