Living Room (LuxTest)

Hi All,

I put together a living room scene from various models found around the net. I created the room space and setup the lighting and environment. After lengthy discussions on the Lux forum about how to setup lighting “correctly” I am finally gaining an understanding of this light accurate renderer works.

In this scene, there are only two lights, the environment and the recessed light in the background that is lighting the glass vases in the small alcove.

This image is the result of 4,300 samples that took 13 hours to calculate.


Looks good. The modelling/texturing needs improvement in some places… but this is about Lux rendering… It looks really good, especially the world lighting… it has an amazing effect

Yeah, the pillows are messed up. So is the body and legs on the doll. The plants don’t have the correct alpha mapping either. It is such a pain that Lux does not have PNG alpha support. So there is extra work involved just to set up an alpha map (uhgg!).

It was more about the lighting and I learned a lot about lighting an interior doing this one. I have set it aside for now.

Curtains look nice, though.