Living Room/Office Space Visualisation. E-Cycles

Hi Folks,

This is a long due project of mine that I was working on which I want to share with you. The idea behind this visualisation was to exercise my Blender skills, design elements and a sense of continuity with most of the room being captured with some camera and DOF variations.

Feel free to leave your comment what you think. Much appreciated.


E-Cycles 1000 Samples with some minor Photoshop color grading.

…and this one is without colour grading as it comes out of Blender:

…these are full resolution with adjusted colour grading and reduced clipping effect:


Beautiful shapes and textures. Your light source blows things out a bit, so it’s difficult to see some of the colors. Still, gorgeous work here.

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Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile: It does, light clipping a little. I also included one image as it comes out of the Blender. Curious what are your thoughts on it this colour scheme.

you’re skills are so much great than me, I wish someday to get like you, this is awesome project congrats

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Many thanks for your kind words :+1: :wink:

Both of the images (The one straight from Blender and the one after to adjust the clipping) look more natural, to my eye, but I’m not expert. The one straight from Blender leaves the wall, monitor, and picture frame glass looking a little too smooth and textureless. If I had room to recommend anything, I’d suggest throwing a visible texture of some sort on each object, but from here it looks like you may have already done that for the monitor.

Really great work and attention to detail!

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That’s beautiful!!! I would love to reach the same results…

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I have to admit that wall was bothering me since the start of the project and I still don’t think I achieved what I wanted mainly due to the lack of Blender knowledge. Though I added some roughness and texture I wish I would make it more variable. There is no glass on picture frame at all but yes you are right this would add some extra credibility. To be hones this project took me way too long to finish but as I go along I learn. I say it was a study project too. Too much at times no to be infuriated to freely express my self :slight_smile: Thanks for your insight and kind words :slight_smile: :+1: Really appreciate it.

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I really appreciate your kind words. It means a lot to me!

Lovely !
any tips on the carpet?

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Thanks :slight_smile: It’s done with particles. Here you’ll find tips : Bedroom and bathroom. Photography reproduction - #12 by eelh

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Many thanks! :heart_eyes:

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nice, the sofa makes me imagine something.

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Hi, I think you’ve captured a mood to great effect. Regarding the texturing of walls, you should check out Decoded on Youtube, he has a video, only around 20 mins long, recreating a picture of a room, and he uses a noise texture to break up the flatness of colour on a wall. It’s a super handy tip.

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Many thanks for kind words Chris! Found the guy and I think I found the video you were referring to. Is it the one?

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Nice job! Have you tried K-Cycles X 3.1 Alpha? Just asking :))) I usually using K-Cycles X 3.1 Alpha for all my staff :)))))

If not, have you tried LuxCore which free open source? It actually much better then E/K Cycles both! I using it sometimes too!

Many thanks :slight_smile: No, I didn’t tried any of them yet. What would be main advantages of K-Cycles, and LuxCore over E-Cycles in your opinion?

That’s the one.

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Oh man, oh man!
I haven’t tried E-Cycles, but many people saying that K-Cycles X is way much better then E-Cycles!
Just look:
That is LuxCore (with SID)

And that is K-Cycles X 3.1 Alpha (with Ultra Denoiser):

See? LuxCore even better then K-Cycles X! K-Cycles X is paid, but LuxCore is free!
I haven’t tried E-Cycles, but i tried ProRender, Cycles X, Cycles, K-Cycles X, and LuxCore is wins!
But you can try K-Cycles X - it’s a little bit looks like LuxCore, very little bit.