Living room (or game room). This is my first attempt at Yafray Rendering.

This is my first ever Yafray pic. It took awhile to learn how lamps work and how the Shadow/and Ray buffers work with Yafray. And most of all how energy, distance, and Samples work with Yafray. Here are my test results.

Post what you think about them:

(beginning picture)

(Grainy like)

(Another grainy pic)

(Nearly Complete picture)

nice work i think it will be a lot better if u add some more stuff to the room tho some cards,dominose or board game on the table maybe u plan to anyway
if u plan to render it from that same angle maybe it would be good to change the position of that black chair it just has this big empty space before it and i don’t know whats there maybe its just me its just a bit wared any keep up the work i hope to see the final render

Thanks for the feedback, I still have a few things that needs tuned up in the room. I do plan on adding things to the room asap. By the way, that black space is actually a shadow uderneath the couch, but I’ll work on that.

Nice work on the modeling and render. I’m not sure about the texture on the floor though. Looks like dried lava :open_mouth:

I’m not sure why the colour depth is so low either. Did you save it as an 8bit png?

looking good, only the carpet texture is a bit off IMO…
i agree with Skinnious on that.

I like the look of the room with only a few objects in it, but that’s my personal taste…

really nice work though,