Living room realisim

Hello, I am working on a living room, this is my current state:

I’m trying to make it look realistic, but I think that something is missing or wrong, I would appreciate any sort of help or suggestions.

Thank you in advance.

there is something off about the lights that hang from the ceiling

I have a good idea for your TV screen. Get poliigon from blenderguru and get the smudges and fingerprints overlays. Attach em to the tv and it will look very realistic

I added some fingerprints and edited the lights a little, how about now?

I’m also new to Blender but for what it’s worth, I’d suggest losing the emissions on the interior lamps and try lighting from outside the room - it’s day time after all. Only other point is that I find it hard to pick out the elements in the scene - could try a bit less stuff whilst giving the good elements like the glass swing chair a bit more emphasis or just try giving a bit more contrast to your scene with signature colours other than blue or try light and dark. Good luck.

Lights need more smoothing I.e subdivision surface. Tv looks better.

Hello, maybe the chains are too big, just a little too big. And they need reflections better.