Living room render

Hello everyone! This is my 2nd room render, im going for the photo realistic look.
The light from the windows is from the world background its mostly white with a strength of 5
The blinds are translucent and diffuse through a mix shader
The carpet has a noise bump map and velvet shader through a mix shader
the area rug has no bump map yet.


I’d say the room looks dark, i’d either increase the exposure or the strength of your lights :slight_smile:

Also, usually there’s a thin wooden “frame” between the floor and the wall (i don’t know how it’s called in English, in Italian we call it “battiscopa”)

I’m not sure if the scale of the noise on the carpet may need a reduction, and you already wrote that the rug needs some bumping, it looks like marble right now :wink:

Depending on wether it will be noticeable or not (which depends on the distance of the camera from the surface and the part where the floor joins the wall), the bump map may be unsuitable and i think you may need a hair system instead (not sure about this, i’m notacquainted with particle systems yet, as well as many other things :D).

Then, the room feels a bit “big and empty”, but i don’t know how to remedy to this.

Feel free to take my suggestion or not, and if you do, do add a pinch of salt.

Thankyou much :yes: Im looking for input so that i can soon be advanced in interior modeling and lighting. The room is actually based on my actual living room which is quite empty at the moment (recently moved in) but I could include the small items in the room such as the fan, stuff on the table, electric cords etc. I like the idea of the wooden battiscopa, our living room battiscopa is painted the same color as the wall but for my final render I like your idea of making it stand out! I may color it white or have it wooden for better effect, below is a picture of the actual living room. 1st picture is regular and the 2nd picture is HDR, since HDR will be closer to what the final blender render will look like.

Regular Exposure


Blender Render

Yeah, all the cables, the stuff around the tv and on the table on the right, they would add realism to the scene. And the sofa, the mirror and the baby carriage, all only partially visible, suggest that there’s something outside of the rectangular picture.

And usually the battiscopa is uniformed either to the floor or to the wall, or to the windows/doors’ frame

I have noticed through my own playing around, that when I struggle to get lighting into a room that doesn’t have its lights on, and it all coming from the outside (like your case here), that I can gain a whole lot from a little bit of ambient occlusion mixed in (go light as it is not based on reality!!!). Also you can mess around with the exposure setting on the Color Management tab, and get some pretty good lifted brightness to the image.

One other comment, even thought the scene looks a little dim, it looks very real, I could imagine being there.

For the carpeting, I would recommend scaling (making the noise/cell size smaller) by 200% or more.

If you don’t want to spend too much time on the area rug, just knock down the specular highlights (gloss), and see if that starts to match your photo. You can’t really see a surface variation anyway.

For more on the subtle lighting, try making your ceiling mix with a roughened gloss with a higher value toward the gloss, and play with the shades of white/gray on the gloss node. I think you could possibly nail the lighting in the scene with just this experiment alone. Ceilings reflect a lot more light than we give them credit for, and if you roughen the gloss up, it won’t look like a shiny piece of plastic.

One other comment on the lighting, another subtle thing that adds a fair chunk of the lighting brightness to this scene is the full length mirror on the right side. I would recommend that you place that in your scene quickly as it will give the balanced lighting before moving forward.